Chile : Update about the comrades Nataly, Enrique and Juan [en]

On Monday, December 11, the process of “replicas” of the Bombas 2 case begins, which consists of discussing the most “solid” arguments of the accusation against the comrades, where the accusations and respective defenses will be confronted.

It is estimated that this process lasts the week of December 11 to 15.

When the aftershocks are finished, there is a maximum period of 48 hours (working days) for the judges to call the final verdict: to declare guilt or innocence (in terms of power).

A call is made to be attentive to the date of the verdict, which is estimated to be between Monday, December 18 and Tuesday, December 19.


Operazione Érebo – La guerra contro gli anarchici in Brasile [it]

[with English subtitles]

Il 25 ottobre 2017 a Porto Alegre, sul territorio occupato dallo Stato brasiliano, diversi spazi anarchici, abitativi e sociali, sono stati perquisiti dalla polizia. Sono stati sequestrati computer, striscioni, libri e bottiglie. Questo ha provocato un’enorme campagna guidata dallo Stato e dai media ufficiali per criminalizzare individui e idee anarchiche.

Molti stanno rispondendo a questo attacco a livelli differenti e con ogni tipo di tattica.


Rome [Italy]: Explosive Attack Against a Carabinieri Police Station by Santiago Maldonado Cell / FAI-FRI (07/12/2017) [en]

In times of social peace and compliance there is no better reply than action. A stimulus, a continuity and a jolt to wake up those who sleep.

Acting on one’s own initiative breaks the compliance and inaction and ignites those whose blood boils.

The anarchic praxis of attack must be the basic stimulus of anarchy, otherwise it is a walking dead. Action is necessary to make us alive in the ways we consider opportune, removed from every program, hierarchical and vertical structure. Many revolutionary practices are part of an anarchism in its bowels.


Uruguay: Solidarity with the persecuted by the operation Erebo in Brazil [en]

From October 24, a new operation of repression and intimidation is being carried out on the anti-authoritarian and anarchist movement in general in the city of Porto Alegre, attacking individual houses, social centers, occupations, libraries and anarchist spaces.

The actions of the civil police, the press and its media spectacle have also led to the preparation of the persecutory montage with the intention of generating fear, isolating the struggles and solidarities,generating the context to intensify the perscussions, the prepotencies and the harassment towards companeros and nearby.


Poland: The sentence and appeal in wawa3 case (04/12/2017) [en]

Three months of jail, 12 months of social works and 2 269 zloty of fee (300 zl of fine and 1969 zl of trial costs) [€540] – that was the verdict each of the warsaw 3 heard during second trial on the 19th of July 2017. Since the three already spent 4 months in jail while waiting for the investigation to finish, this part of the sentence is seen as already done.

However in September they were given written reasons for the judgment, where instead of 1 year of social works there were 2 years. Faced with this misterious change (most of the people present in court clearly heard 12 and not 24 months as the amount of time for social works), an appeal against the judgment was made.


Repressions in so-called Czech republic. Timeline A2 poster [en]

Police repressions and surveilance targeting against anti-authoritarian and subversive movements had always been present. In past years we experienced them of an unprecedented scale of Czech context and history, including entrapment, terrorist charges, large media demonization, attempts of dividing the movement, spreading paranoia, imprisonment and long exhausting court hearings. „Operation Fénix“, as police name for the entrapment operation that had taken place, is relavant to other similar crackdowns in European and north American context. Especially because of divide-and-rule tactic that status quo has in the very heart of its meanings and goals. We hope to have this to understand our experience better to know what to expect in the place where you live and organize.


Sardinia [Italy]: Sardinian anarchist Davide Deloge ended his hunger strike (29/11/2017) [en]

We learned from Davide that he ended his hunger strike today, 29/11/2017.

During these 25 days of hunger strike Davide went from being 87kg body weight to 72kg.

Over the last few days Davide stayed mostly in bed, he experienced difficulty in movement and vision problems.

This morning, he was summoned by the director of the Augusta prison (Sardinia), Gelardi Antonio, and he was told that the solitary confinement has been revoked. Therefore, he will able to meet other inmates again.

cna [anarchist black cross]

Italy: Sripta Manent trial (started on 16/11/2017) — Statement to the court by anarchist Alfredo Cospito [en]

(translated by act for freedom now!)

On 16/11/2017 the SCRIPTA MANENT trial began inside the bunker courtroom of ‘Le Vallette’ prison in Turin. Imprisoned anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito read a long declaration. Alfredo was not present in court as he was subjected to video conferencing from inside the AS2 unit in the prison of Ferrara.

Declaration to the Court:

Benevento 14th August 1878- Turin 16th 2017

Malefactors on trial

The Union of Egoists is your instrument, it is the sword with which you increase your natural strength; the Union exists thanks to you. Society, on the other hand, demands much from you and it exists without you; in short, society is sacred, Union is yours; society uses you, the Union–you use it – Stirner

O, gentlemen, the time of life is short! .. An if we live, we live to tread on kings — Shakespeare, Henry IV

I regret every crime in my life that I haven’t committed, every desire that I have not satisfied – Senna Hoy


Rome [Italy]: Diplomatic vehicle torched (08/2017) [en]

in august, rome empty and it’s hot, smoking and drinking beer on the square gets boring quickly. to break with the repeated everyday life and feeling angry about too many prisoners of social war, one night we decided go around doing some damage. soon we ran into a vehicle of the diplomatic corps, and we torched it joyfully. it’s easy, all it takes is a pack of firecrackers!

with this action we wanted to send a solidarity greetings to all anarchist prisoners in jail.

especially, to paska e ghespe


Czech Republic: Call to Fight — Sabotage the Activities of Those Bastards! (11/2017) [en]

We see that the repressive campaign on the anarchist movement does not cease. Examples are enough: The operation Fénix case in the Czech Republic, the case of the Warsaw Three, charges of bank robbery in Aachen, courts with rebels against the G20 summit in Hamburg and other cases.

Cops, judges, prosecutors, mass-media. They are haunted, imprisoned, robbed, manipulated. This is a challenge to all Revolutionary cells and other groups and individuals. Sabotage the activities of those bastards. Turn them into terrain, technology and structures. Organize resistance. Support the fugitives and their loved ones.


Italy: Anarchist comrade Pierloreto Fallanca is finally out of prison (23/11/2017) [en]

Paska is finally out of jail

Our comrade Paska is finally out of the cage; he has an order to reside in Martinsicuro, to report to the police station and be indoors at night.

We await and demand his total liberation.

Solidarity with all the comrades involved in the Florence investigation.

(translated by act for freedom now!)

Sardinia [Italy]: Anarchist prisoner Davide Delogu still on hunger strike (23/11/2017) [it]

From Davide’s weekly phone call with his relatives, we learn that:

Davide will continue the long-term hunger strike, started on November 4, until his total solitary confinement, by article 14bis, is revoked.

Our comrade calls on everyone for direct solidarity.

He strengths his closeness to comrades in AS2 [high-security prison sections].

He has repeatedly stressed the need for a revolutionary solidarity.

He is in high spirits, but he has already lost 13 kilos [28 lb].

CNA [croce nera anarchica]

Alfredo Cospito
Ready or Not... [en]

In these three years I was faced with choices which led me by the hand through a path fraught with crossroads and bifurcations.

Like on a minefield, I had to decide carefully where to step, with my pride and my self-respect at stake. The first choice I had to face with was whether I should continue to contribute, or let the prison overflow me, patiently waiting to get out. As limited as my situation is, I chose to continue to contribute through the written word. Once I made this decision I faced another crossroad: whether to confine myself — ecumenically — from this “high point” of my “status” (sic.) of a “revolutionary” prisoner — to bestowing blessings in each directions, applauding to every anarchist practice, paying attention not to make any enemies; or to use the weapon of critique, ever more harshly, trying to outline some analysis, to open some discourses. I chose the easier way (at least for me): openly push my critique to the extremes, at the cost of isolation (less letters, less information, less generic solidarity).


Italy: Statement of anarchist comrade Gioacchino Somma — Start of the “Script Manent” trial (16/11/2017) [en]

To the Court of Turin

Today, as well as for all the future hearings of this trial that sees me accused along with my brothers, sisters, but above all anarchist comrades, I will not give you the satisfaction of seeing my face in a courtroom of this tribunal.

I have never gone to the courtrooms where my funeral was being prepared in the past and I will not do so now!

I am anarchist, individualist, anti-authoritarian and above all I am for the insurrection, which has as one of its primary goals that of destroying places of death like this one and the prisons.


Italy: Text by anarchist comrade Afredo Cospito from Ferrara prison (2016) [en]

With 30 years of charges on my back, it may seem absurd to feel the need to communicate projects and considerations. With the insistent censorship that distorts everything I write and say, it may seem stupid and mad to continue to resolutely communicate and write considerations lending themselves to censorship. I need such stupidity and madness to feel still alive and participating.
I have only one choice, back to the wall: continuing struggling, continuing with every means at my disposal.

I got inspiration to write this text from the prosecutor Sparagna [in charge for Scripta Manent]; in his solitary “interlocutory — monologue” he claimed with ill-concealed embarrassment that he got us by process of elimination, by the “scorched earth” that the anarchist movement in Italy made around us. Is it possible that the anarchist movement here in Italy sank so low as to not feel empathy with comrades caught in a grip of repression, to think of us as a foreign body?
The truth can not be found in the “specious” and stupid logic of a prosecutor from Turin. The truth is hidden in the folds, in different expressions of solidarity that have been addressed to us, in the opportunity that even a wave of repression such this one could give us. This is apparent from many actions expressing solidarity across the globe to us, this is apparent from a few but significant solidarity statements that we received. At first glance these statements may seem like the usual solidarity for appearances’ sake, but at my eyes they become fully meaningful.
Maybe because of their origins, comrades with different projects, despite everything, were profoundly, directly, touched. Maybe because all these comrades are in some way part of this anarchism of praxis that keeps anarchy alive and kicking, and well reacting across the globe. For this and for many other reasons, those words of solidarity are no small things and can become an opportunity, especially if they can go beyond the repressive matter.


Italy: Declaration of anarchist comrades Claudia and Stefano facing Trial as a result of Operation ”Scripta Manent” (16/11/2017) [en]

We find ourselves facing you in order to be judged. Guilty or innocent? But what are we accused of? In the thousands of pages produced by the prosecutor, over twenty years’ history of anarchist struggle in Italy are covered and not only, specific facts are mentioned to back up suppositions and conjecture, but in fact what do you want to convince yourselves of with all that mountain of paper? You want to convince yourselves that we are anarchists. That we don’t passively accept the system that governs us, the inevitability of man’s domination over man and nature. They are asking you to condemn the love that unites the human beings who share the unstoppable desire for freedom bound by their common contempt for authority. If that’s why we are here let’s put an end to this farce before it begins. We are guilty.


Genoa [Italy]: Incendiary attack (18/11/2017) [en]


There is a lot of anger, and sometimes a little is enough for it to turn into fire.

Anger and fire go together and do not wait for field days to show themselves, they strike rich and poor alike as happened at the Genoa G8 or the Hamburg G20, showing their best face at such times.

Fire and anger just act, they don’t prepare the ground for revolution, they’re not looking for adepts among the masses, they look sadly at a society that has nothing left to ask of its very existence.

Fire and anger: the first an element, the second a feeling, it takes little to get them to wed, just a little courage, then they let out a scream that pierces the cloak of apathy which this dying society is now drenched in and addicted to.


Prison of Augusta — Sardinia [Italy]: Anarchist prisoner Davide Delogu on the 13th day of hunger strike — Break the isolation (17/11/2017) [en]

On November 4th Davide began an indefinite hunger strike as an answer to the prison:

“Against the denial of attending the next hearing in Cagliari on February 14, against the total solitary confinement under article 14bis and its extension for a further THREE months, against its prisons, its cells, against the prison domination.

In solidarity and closeness with comrades arrested and involved in operation Scripta Manent, who will stand trial on November 16th.

Let’s the direct, beautiful, insurgent, flaming action warm our hearts.


Sardinia [Italy]: Updates on anarchist prisoner Paolo (15/11/2017) [en]

Paolo is in Uta, he is okay; he is in the wing with the general population and in the cell with one of the two partners with whom he was arrested. He asks for stamps. We know nothing about the dates of hearings or anything else, he has received the first visits this week and it seems he has no problem getting mail.

Address: Casa circondariale Ettore Scalas, 2° strada ovest Z.I. Macchiareddu, 09010 Uta, Italy

Updates will follow

Brasil: VI Anarchist & Punk Film Festival of São Paulo (02-03/12/2017) [en]

We came to the sixth year of the Anarchist & Punk Film Festival of São Paulo, with the proposal of visibilizing audiovisual productions and themes related to the counterculture of punk and anarchism, as well as guiding the use of this important tool in our struggles. This year the Festival will take place in the Centro de Cultura Social, an autonomous space of much history and contribution to anarchism in the city.


2 and 3 December 2017 | Centro de Cultura Social [General Jardim Street, 253 — room 22 — São Paulo]


Italy – Court of cassation’s verdict concerning an article published on the monthly “Invece” (19/10/2017) [en]

On Thursday 19th October the court of cassation held a session of the trial against a comrade accused of instigation to commit crime following an article published in the anarchist monthly ‘Invece’ in May 2012.

The article is about a book written by Pierpaolo Sinconi, a carabinieri captain. He took part in war missions in Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo and Iraq. He was a tutor in training centres for peacekeeping in Africa, America, Asia and Europe. He’s a member of a group of experts in peacekeeping and peacebuilding from ‘G8’ countries. And since 2006 he’s being teaching International Law and Humanitarian International Law at the Stability Police Units Centre in Vicenza.


Prison of Augusta — Sardinia [Italy]: Updates on Sardinian anarchist Davide Delogu — On hunger strike again (04/11/2017) [en]

“On November 4th Davide began an indefinite hunger strike as an answer to the prison:

Against the denial of attending the next hearing in Cagliari on February 14, against the total solitary confinement under article 14bis and its extension for a further six months, against its prisons, its cells, against the prison domination.

In solidarity and closeness with comrades arrested and involved in operation Scripta Manent, who will stand trial on November 16th.

Let’s the direct, beautiful, insurgent, flaming action warm our hearts.


Florence [Italy]: Verdict of the court of review concerning the events of 1st January 2017 [en]

From the local press we learn that the court of review pronounced a verdict concerning the prosecutor’s appeal against the orders of release concerning the comrades arrested following an attack on a Casapound bookshop on 1st January 2017.

The court rejected the prosecutor’s appeal for all the comrades except:

Paska, currently being held in Lecce on charges of organized crimes, against whom serious evidence against him was apparently identified concerning the fabrication of the device on 1st January. His situation has therefore worsened as he’s being held not only for ‘organized crime’ but also for charges related to the attack.


Czech Republic: Lukáš Borl — All power to the imagination? (12/11/2017) [en]

When extensive strikes and workers’ and students’ riots took place in France at 1968, one of the slogans back then was “All power to the imagination”. Czech police and courts now have their own interpretation. They assert their authority through fostering their own imagination.

When police wanted the arrest warrant on me, their claimed reasons for that were speculative statements and bunch of random bullshit. Obviously, it was enough for getting the warrant. It is even scary, how powerful their imagination can be.


Italy: Updates on operation “Scripta Manent” (16/11/2017) [it]

The trial will begin on November 16th in high security court in Turin prison.

The anarchist comrades Alfredo Cospito, Anna Beniamino, Danilo Cremonese, Nicola Gai will not be allowed to attend the trial in the courtroom, they will be subjected to a video-conference inside the High Surveillance 2 sections, where they are held.

The anarchist comrades Marco Bisesti, Valentina Speziale, Alessandro Mercogliano will be allowed to attend the trial in the courtroom, but they refuse to take part in the trial in solidarity with comrades subjected to video-conference.