Kiev [Ukraine]: Anarchists attack Interior Ministry training center (19/09/2018) [en]

[In italiano]

Anarchy Today Note: Ukrainian Media are unwilling to report the fire at the training center, yet the news and the photo are published in the Internet. We received the information by mail on September 20 2018. Тranslated by Anarchy Today.

Repressions and prisons have become part of our lives, as well as of lives of all those recalcitrant comrades who prefer to conduct an offensive struggle against the state and capital, attacking all manifestations of power and destroy the oppressive order. More and more often in the course of this struggle, we hear calls from all corners of the world for solidarity with repressed and imprisoned like-minded people, we hear stories how yet another one of us was put behind bars, beaten, tortured or even killed , and also hear how this or that infrastructure of anarchists was destroyed, plundered, how this or that initiative suffered from raids from punitive groups of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD).


The only possible administration The question of cities [it]

These are times when it seems there are big discussions about the issue of cities, urban areas, about the possibilities of revolt inside them (even of living), of their reformability. Big discussions frequently focused on various topics relating to struggles carried out by many opponents, antagonists, often reformists, sometimes even by enemies of every order and authority; among these issues there is gentrification, a word not so unusual anymore, a word we now want to express some thoughts about.


Veganism From A Nihilist and Anti-Civilization Perspective [it]


This text is aiming for the destabilization of the term veganism through moral and social, even political chains and illustrates that if it doesn’t align with a totally hostile consciousness towards the existent, then it doesn’t cease to be another hoax or delusion.
That is to say if the persons using this tool have
made that another morality or don’t take some risks with acts of attack (this can take many forms not only physical) or chaotic disruption then it remains mud inside the swamp where it came from.


Poster for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners (23-30/08) [en]


If the “innocent” ones deserve our solidarity once, then the “guilty” ones deserve it a thousand times… — Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, FAI-IRF / Imprisoned Members Cell

Solidarity will always be practiced as an indispensable feature of an anarchist way of life and action. The war continues, never give up, never give in. Long live FAI-FRI. Long live CCF. Long live the black international — Alfredo Cospito

“Fifth Estate” Mirror Site [en]

The mirror site is a backup for the main site at and provides an alternate interface to the archive of articles and resources.

About “Fifth Estate”
The Fifth Estate, founded in 1965, is an anarchist, anti-capitalist, and anti-authoritarian, anti-profit project published cooperatively by a volunteer collective of friends and comrades. We are committed to non-dogmatic, action-oriented writing and activity to bring about a new world. We are a decentralized collective of individuals from across North America. We come from a diverse array of backgrounds and personal experiences, but share a common passion: to see anarchist ideas and messages brought to print and shared with people the world over. Although the editorial collective makes all decisions involving the content we print, the Fifth Estate would not exist without the time and talent of dozens of people who contribute to the writing, editing, proofreading, art, graphic design, distribution, and day-to-day business of keeping this project going issue after issue.


“Butterflies, Polyamory & Ideology: Letter on Inconsequence” – Untorelli Press [it]

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From the text:
How many pamphlets are needed to explain how to fuck, how to love, what relationships one should have with one’s body? How many narrow standards for our desires and perceptions? How many of us, now past the excitement of the misleading freshness of being sixteen or twenty years old, have not managed to find ourselves in these new models of pseudo-freedom? How many have had to suffer being told that they were not made for freedom because they liked only one person and were loved only by one person? How many have whipped themselves for experiencing jealousy, have felt consumed by the other under the pretext of their freedom? How many have felt uncomfortable under the inquisitive eyes of those who believe they are free while living in a social order based on domination? Forgotten in the sectarian and ideological confinement of small cliques, is that there are still billions of people around us. (Untorelli Press)
(in italiano:

On Sexual Poverty [en]

A society based upon concentrated power and economic exchange impoverishes every area of life, even those that are most intimate. We hear a great deal of talk about women’s liberation, gay liberation and even sexual liberation within anarchist circles. And analyses of male domination, patriarchy and hetero-sexism are not so hard to find, but the reality of sexual impoverishment seems to be largely ignored, questions of sexual expression being largely limited to those surrounding monogamy, non-monogamy, poly-amory and other such issues of the mechanics of loving relationships. This limitation is itself, in my opinion, a reflection of our sexual impoverishment — let’s limit ourselves to speaking of such relational mechanics so that we can avoid the question of the quality of these relationships.


Biocentrism: Ideology Against Nature [en]

That humanity is somehow ‘out of balance’ with nature is hardly a topic of controversy nowadays. There is little question that humans are fouling the world to the point of suicide for us and mass extinction for all other life. To claim otherwise is ludicrous. In a variety of ways, people have attempted to grasp the problem, define it, and seek solutions. Of the many new and more faddish results, few have been as popular as Deep Ecology — also known as Biocentrism — the view that humans are acting out of excessive human-centredness (anthropocentrism) and thus destroying the planet and the rest of the species which have just as much ‘intrinsic right’ to live out their biological destiny as we do. Accordingly, Biocentrism (life/earth/nature centredness) calls for a new way of acting. Specifically, it calls for ‘earth-centred’ activity and thinking — putting the ‘earth first’ (instead of putting ourselves first) as a way out of the global dilemma.


Brasil: Call for an Independent Materials Fair — Activity of the Sixth International Week For Anarchists Prisoners [en]

In response to the call for a Sixth International Week in Solidarity For Anarchist Prisoners, which will take place all over the world from the 23rd to the 30th of August, there will be a first winter fair of independent materials on August 25th.

This is an open call for anyone who wants to send us proposals with an anti-authoritarian focus to add to the activity. In addition, it is mainly an invitation to participate in this initiative that will happen in the “Tia Estela Space”, a squat of homeless people located underneath the so-called “Alcântara Machado Bridge” in São Paulo. Any contribution to self-management of this space is welcome.


Misanthropic Wild Tendencies Other expressions of authoritarianism and sacred thought [en]

Given the recent proliferation of eco-extremism and some opinions expressed in the broadcast media related to this tendency, the need arises for this text. Without pretending to engage in a dialogue, we will clarify a few things that seem essential to us.

For several years now, various individuals from different parts of the American continent (especially from the territory dominated by the Mexican State) close to the positions and struggles against civilization, gave shape to a trend that they called “eco-extremism”.


Against Eco-Extremism: Mirror image of Civilisation & Religion (PDF) [en]

DOWNLOAD PDF: Against Eco-Extremism: Mirror image of Civilisation & Religion

Small booklet compiling the recent texts critical to the so-called ‘Eco-Extremist’ trend written by nihilist-anarchists and anarchist-insurrectionalists from around the world.

Produced in collaboration with Verde Press.

Rome [Italy]: Arson Attack Aganst Diplomatic Corp and ENI Vehicles (06/2018) [it]

When you set out at night with the intention of burning or putting something out of action, interrupting the paralysis inherent in everyday life, you never know exactly what you will find once you are on the street. Which is how it was one night in mid-June when we came across a Diplomatic Corp car and one belonging to ENJOY[1] parked side by side next to the footpath. If until then, they had been united together in the same shitty existence in service of devastation, power and domination, we could not help but see their willingness to share the same demise together. And so, just like it was with some excavators in France not long ago, we took note of their will by enjoying the sight of the flames that enveloped them.


[USA] Of Indiscriminate Attacks and Wild Reactions An Anti-Civ Anarchist Engages with ITS and Atassa, their Defenders and Their false Critics [en]

The following is the introduction to a short book critiquing so-called “eco-extremism” in Mexico, and those in support of it in the United States. To read two essays on the subject already published on IGD, go here.

Read and Download HERE

Author’s Note to IGD readers: This essay was written a year ago, in haste. It was prompted by the escalation in 2017 of conflict between insurrectionary anarchists and proponents of a new school of purportedly anti-civilization ideology known as “Eco-Extremism”, both in Mexico and the US. This conflict was signaled in part by the appearance of a US journal called Atassa: readings in Eco-Extremism, which presented ideas and writings associated with the armed struggle group known as Individualidades tendiendo a lo Salvaje, abbreviated ITS but most often translated from the Spanish as Individualists Tending toward the Wild (a group with a history stretching back to around 2011).


325: Static / Continues – July 2018 [it]

After a brief pause we resume an irregular publishing rhythm fueled by our hatred of this techno-prison world. Our last few months were busy with shaping our small project for the future. In the coming weeks we’ll be posting a new Dark Nights zine as well as some solidarity posters and other compilations of writings.

Recently we caught this podcast with an anarchist comrade in Yogyakarta talking about the Mayday riot case and the call to ‘Kill the Sultan’. 44 comrades were arrested and comrade Ucil was beaten and held incommunicado for molotov attacking police vehicles. Many comrades either have cases pending or are still wanted for the riot and are investigated. Check out this post and help out.


The Local Kids — Issue 1 — Summer 2018 [en]

“The Local Kids” — A compilation of texts, a contribution to a correspondence between those who desire anarchy and subversion.

The year is 2018. Our living environment is increasingly interconnected and transparent. This is obvious for the digital reality but is also true for the physical – if the distinction between the two hasn’t already become too artificial. These tendencies have reinforced the validation of the self through affiliation to a group and subjugation to its norms. Before our eyes identities are being constructed, clashes erupt in the scramble for a space to carve out and claim. A bonus for its members is that the enforcing of the norms now is horizontally distributed. As society becomes more totalitarian, the main feeling becomes anxiety. Will for one more day our imperfections pass unnoticed, or maybe just tolerated? And while we invest everything in this socially acceptable image of ourselves we have created, we become the role we were only playing. Is this life?


325 is back [en]

The anarchist counter-information site 325 is active again (after a period of stand-by).

Welcome back comrades!

Nothing is over, everything continues!

UK: Online release of Return Fire vol.5 [en]

Welcome to the fifth installment of Return Fire, now available in PDF. Dated autumn 2017. Part international translation platform, part space for theoretical deliberation, part clearing house for action and repression, part archive for articles of interest, part literary collage of anarchist propaganda, art, poetry and subversion. An alternative version of the covers is also included for printing runs for distribution outside of the U.K. who prefer greyscale.




AnarchistLibraries.Net [en]

Behind every project there is one or more individuals. Fairly large projects don’t grow by themselves. They need love and passion. When there is no more love, it’s time to move on and build something else.

This project,, forks off from The Anarchist Library project, and serves as an international platform for anarchist sites focusing on publishing and archiving texts.

I’ve been involved with The Anarchist Library since the very beginning, formatting texts, building the libraries’ software and assisting in the creation of new ones in languages other than English.


Copenhagen [Denmark]: “Orkanen” — Anarchist newspaper English edition [en]

English edition – Spring 2018
Translations of a few texts from previous issues.

In this issue:
- Down with the state, down with authorities
- Space travel
- Against the IT-giants and their world
- The place for love in the rebellious life
- The price for gratitude
- Considerations in regards to the capricious nature of the state
- Justice

Read on the screen: English edition – Spring 2018

Print: English edition – Spring 2018

Italy: Declaration of “Scripta Manent” accused at the hearing of May 31st [en]

In view of the presence in solidarity at the court on 31 March, we are writing these few lines to reaffirm a few fundamental concepts regarding this trial and the court carrying it out. First of all, we reaffirm our closeness to the arrested comrades: for us they are brothers and the pride with which they are confronting this little theatre makes us proud.

We also reaffirm our attachment, stronger than ever, to the anarchist ideal and our hatred of this society that thrives on death and exploitation. We are anarchists, it is normal for the State to attack us, we do not expect anything else from you and this is why your repression does not surprise us except for its clumsiness and scares us even less. In fact, after a year and a half you find us with the same positions of attack on this system. We are accused of terrorism, but we continue to point the finger at the State and its laws that you administer which legitimize the exploitation, exclusion and death of millions of people throughout the world every day, to protect the interests of those who profit from all this. It is you who are under accusation: the dead in the wars in the Middle East and Africa, those who drown while fleeing poverty, the increasingly fierce exploitation of labour, the plundering of resources and the destruction of ecosystems, living conditions more and more like survival and the ever deeper interference in our lives by the State. The law would like to treat the dissent that all this generates with jail, branding it as a crime, but it takes a lot more to shut us up.


Italy: Op.Scripta Manent – Solidarity Presence in the Court (31/05/2018) [en]

Anyone who forgets prisoners of social war, has forgotten the war itself! (Paris, 2016)

The state strikes and will continue to strike anarchists and revolutionaries as long as these are worthy of their name.

The Scripta Manent trial, begun in June 2017, concerns 40 years of the history of the anarchist movement, of which we are a part, and is continuing at a fast pace.

The cornerstone of the accusatory theorem of this inquest is based on the differentiation between “good” and “bad” anarchists and an instrumental interpretation, by the repressive apparatus, of the debate within in the anarchist movement.


Italy: Updates on Scripta Manent No. 2 – March 2018 [en]

Text written by Anna and Marco about the progress of the trial in which they are defendants for the Scripta Manent operation.

At the hearings of January and February the witnesses for the accusation (originally the PM Sparagna mentioned there would be about seventy) have continued to be heard, mainly Turin Digos [political police], police, carabinieri, bomb disposal experts, witnesses, the forensic departments of Rome and of the Ris [carabinieri forensic unit] of Parma, all in relation to the specific crimes alleged. Also some editors or former editors of Radio Blackout of Turin have been called to testify on the receiving of some claims, and an occupant of the Asilo [squat in Turin] in relation to knowing and corresponding with the defendants.


Czech Republic: High court in Prague confirmed acquittance of all defendants on March 27th [en]

High court in Prague confirmed acquittance of all 5 anarchist defendants as result of appeal hearing on the 27th of March.

These are good news for sure and it also means that we overcame some part of “Fénix”, which meant something different to all of us: long months in prison, deprivation of anonymity or exhausting solidarity campaign, to put it shortly. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t make illusions about winning against repressions legally in courts, ever. Also High court’s decision doesn’t bring any kind of certainty for future, and already now we can see the top of other pile of police shit coming over horizon or even closer, a.k.a. Fénix 2, which literally is desperate attempt for revanche, an effort to get something against our comrades and restore a bit stinking idea of legitimacy of police and prisons, in czech context at least.


Italy: Update Scripta Manent [en]

The anarchist comrade Anna Beniamino (arrested in September 2016 in the framework of operation Scripta Manent, currently detained in Rebibbia prison, Rome) has informed us (2 April 2018) that “the inevitable loudly comments”, made during the ongoing trial for the aforementioned operation, “earned” her and Marco Bisesti (detained since 09/2016, too, currently in Alessandria prison) a couple of disciplinary reports, commuted to a few days of solitary confinement.

Both comrades are laughing at “punishment”.


Rebibbia prison — Rome [Italy]: “Right you are… if you think you are” — Text by anarchist comrade Anna Beniamino (01/2018) [en]

Reflections and updates on a trial

There’s not much to be said about an episode of repression, after all it’s the simple cyclical occurrence of action and reaction – or even on how repression plays dirty – another well-known fact. At most these are just a few notes on the development of techniques and strategies.

This I’ll try to do. More than a year after the arrests, with the trial already underway, a crack has opened in the censuring bell jar and the court papers been disclosed in all their misery after the short report on the last issue of “Croce Nera” and the latest developments on the closure of investigations and the preliminary hearing.