France: Update about the situation of Vincenzo (August 14, 2019) [en]

Following the arrest of the anarchist Vincenzo Vecchi, which took place in France on August 8, 2019, thanks to the joint work of the Italian and French police, this morning (August 14) at 11.00 am, at the Court of Appeal of Rennes, was held a hearing about the extradition to Italy. According to the fleshless information that has been possible to learn so far, during the hearing the judges decided nothing about extradition, as they would lack useful “different elements”. A further hearing has been set for August 23rd. So in that time he would presumably remain imprisoned at Rennes prison. To send mail or telegrams to people held in French prisons it would be necessary to have the specific identification code (numero d’écrou) that each prison assigns to the individual inmate to identify him and that, as regards the correspondence, should be indicated in the address in a precise manner. Unfortunately, by contacting the prison the answer is that this number cannot be provided (although in the other situations exactly the opposite has happened), but that it’s sufficient to indicate name and surname and the letters should still arrive. You can try. Below is the address:


Italy: Updates about Natascia from Piacenza prison (August 2019) [en]

Natascia is in section AS3 [“High Surveillance 3”], therefore with women defendants or suspects for crimes related to organized crime. They have almost always open cells, but in the section there is little or nothing, the library – for example – sucks. Almost all the personal letters arrive, while around twenty letters were kept by the guards, which they considered “political”. Only the first of these has been unlocked.

WE REMEMBER THE ADDRESSES TO WRITE TO NATASCIA, ROBERT AND BEPPE [arrested for “Prometeo” repressive operation at May 21st, 2019]:


France: Vincenzo arrested, convicted for the G8 in Genoa in 2001 (08/08/2019) [en]

The anarchist Vincenzo Vecchi was arrested on Thursday, August 8, 2019 in France. The arrest was carried out by the French police and (as reported by the regime media) was made possible by the contribution of the agents of the “Service for the fight against extremism and internal terrorism” and of the Antiterrorism section of the DIGOS of Milan, which through “a close investigative connection” with the French police were able to identify the comrade. Against him two European arrest warrants had been issued by the prosecutors of Milan and Genoa.


Italy: Natascia, arrested for the “Prometeo” operation, was transferred to the prison of Piacenza [en]

We learn of the transfer, which took place on July 30th, of the anarchist Natascia Savio from the prison of L’Aquila to that of Piacenza. Natascia was arrested on May 21st 2019 in the context of the repressive operation “Prometeo” (“Prometheus”) along with two other comrades, Giuseppe and Robert. The last two have also recently been transferred further, respectively to the prisons of Bancali (Sassari, in Sardinia) and Rossano Calabro (province of Cosenza).

We recall that the main accusation against the comrades is of “attack with the purpose of terrorism or subversion”, as they are held responsible for sending three bomb packages arrived in June 2017 to the public prosecutors Rinaudo (prosecutor in several trials against the antagonist movement and the anarchists) and Sparagna (prosecutor in the trial for the “Scripta Manent” operation) and Santi Consolo, at the time director of the DAP (“Department of Penitentiary Administration”) in Rome. They are not accused of any “associative” crime (such as articles 270 or 270bis, penal code).


Italy: Update on the Health Situation of Imprisoned Anarchist Comrade Alfredo Cospito [en]

24.07.19: Comrade Alfredo Cospito started feeling unwell 15 days ago, right after his hunger strike ended. He immediately insisted on a CT scan. In fact, as soon as the CT scan was carried out, he was urgently transferred to the hospital where he was operated on. The operation went for 5 hours as they had to remove his gallbladder, which had ruptured. All this because the doctors had been saying for months that it was necessary to operate, but the prison kept postponing, trying to solve the problem with tablets, which in reality did not solve anything. The situation got worse with the hunger strike.


Solidarity with Dinos Giagtzoglou [en]

Anarchist Dinos Giagtzoglou was arrested in central Athens on 28 October 2017, one of Greece’s national days, in an ambush by anti-terrorist police forces as he left a safe house-hideout rented by him under a false name, carrying weaponry.

Initially he got imprisoned in the prison of Larissa, a city 355 km from Athens, with the aim of isolating him from his comrades, family and friends, making the talks with the lawyer extremely difficult and preparing for his trial almost impossible since the case files contain thousands of pages in digital format.


Support an anarchist who was sentenced in co called Germany [en]

Support an anarchist who was sentenced in co called Germany. This person was captured by a civilian security guard in a shopping mall while nonviolently expropriating some goods. Without noticing he has a small pocket knife on him which he didn’t want to use as weapon. Even though he was accused of: A theft with a weapon prepared to use.

The German court imposed punishment of 90 days in prison or paying 1000 Euro. That means if he doesn’t pay those money he will have to spend three months in prison. The czech ABC group decided to support him with organising a money collection. You can send your solidarity contribution to an account at: or put it in a box bye the ABC stool at public events.


Italy: Communiqué of Alfredo from the prison of Ferrara [en]

Ferrara, July 14th, 2019
I give you the tragicomic news that my bloody gall bladder after 5 hours of operation has left us (8 July) due to a hunger strike. Excuse me but I’m still not able to respond decently to your many letters. But count on my answers. The only positive thing is that I lost 21 kg. Keep on writing to me.
Sure that the struggle in solidarity with the comrades proceeds ever more effectively.

[Note: Alfredo refers to the hunger strike against the restrictions and conditions in the AS2 section of L’Aquila prison undertaken in Italy by some imprisones anarchists, from May 29th until the end of June].

Italy: Kidnapping and attempted deportation of anarchist Divine Umoru + Saturday, July 20th: Protest at the CPR of Bari [en]

Transfers, violence and deportations:

Yesterday [15 July 2019] we received the news of the deportation, now in progress, of Divine Umoru, made possible by an order issued directly by Salvini, despite having the documents in order. He is an anarchist comrade who has undergone several trials, we know him and we want to be in solidarity.

For this reason, although we have made it impossible to trace their movements, we will be at Malpensa at 17.30 (Tuesday 16th) at the terminal 1 departures entrance 16. Run and come all!


Italy: Sentencing requests at the trial for the “Panico” operation [en]

On July 16, 2019, the prosecutors Focardi and Giunti exposed requests for conviction against 39 defendants in the trial for the “Panico” operation against the Florentine anarchists. The trial is the result of the union of several proceedings, including the one linked to the “Panico” repressive operation of January 31st, 2017 (which involved three house arrest, some restrictions and searches with the main accusation of “criminal association”) and the repressive operation of August 3rd, 2017, which involved eight arrests, searches and the eviction of La Riottosa occupation, in Florence, with accusations (for the eight anarchists arrested) of having carried out an explosive attack against “Il Bargello” bookstore (Florence, January 1st, 2017), a space linked to fascists and the fascist party “Casapound”, an action during which a policeman was seriously injured and lost part of a hand and an eye, and an arson attack on a police station in the neighborhood of Rovezzano (Florence, April 21st, 2016).


Italy: Operation “Panico” Call for international active solidarity, supporting prisoners and legal expenses [en]

Share, translate, support!


Florence [Italy]: Last hearings of the trial for the “Panico” operation [en]

The hearings from 15 to 18 July, 2019, are confirmed, but due to the absence of one of the judges the sentence (scheduled for July 22nd) could slip, by a maximum of one week, apparently.

For Giova, Paska and Ghespe under house arrest, was asked the transport by their own means for the hearings, therefore without an escort. For Paska has also been asked to temporarily move house arrest to a house near Florence.

As regards presences in the courtroom, Paska should therefore be present at all hearings. Giova and Ghespe will certainly not come to the hearing on the 15th, but for the following ones they still haven’t decided.


Italy: Updates about the “Prometeo” repressive operation – Giuseppe was transferred to the prison of Rossano Calabro [en]

On July 8th, 2019, we learn that the anarchist Giuseppe Bruna was transferred from the prison of Alessandria to that of Rossano Calabro. The comrade was arrested on May 21st along with Natascia and Robert for the repressive operation “Prometeo” (“Prometheus”). We remind that recently Robert was also transferred (from Terni to Bancali, in Sardinia), while Natascia remains imprisoned in L’Aquila. Then the addresses become the following:

Giuseppe Bruna
C. R. di Rossano Calabro
Contrada Ciminata, snc
87064 Corigliano-Rossano (CS)
Italia [Italy]


Drugs [en]

I like drugs. How couldn’t I? Why should I give up something that makes me feel good, that can alter my state of consciousness at various levels as I abandon myself to a sense of psychological and physical well-being. After all, it is easy to feel weak and helpless once we realize that we are not living in the best of worlds but in an environment where we are continually absorbing the conditioning of our tastes, feelings, opinions and impulses and are even called upon to contribute to their constant redefining in one way or another.


Italy: Transfer of Robert, arrested for the “Prometeo” operation [en]

On July 6th, 2019, we learn of Robert’s transfer from the prison of Terni to that of Bancali, in Sardinia. So the new address is the following:

Robert Firozpoor
C. C. di Sassari – Bancali
strada provinciale 56, n. 4
Località Bancali
07100 Sassari
Italia [Italy]

We remember that Natascia, Giuseppe and Robert were arrested on May 21st, 2019, during a repressive operation called “Prometeo” (“Prometheus”), carried out by the carabinieri of the ROS and which involved some searches. The main accusation is of “attack with terrorist or subversive purposes”, since they are considered responsible for sending three bomb packages arrived in June 2017 to the p. m. Rinaudo (prosecutor in several trials against the antagonist movement and the anarchists) and Sparagna (prosecutor in the trial for the “Scripta Manent” operation) and Santi Consolo, at the time director of the DAP (“Department of Prison Administration”) in Rome. They are not accused of any “associative” crime (such as articles 270 or 270bis, c. p.).


Italy: Updates on the anarchists arrested for the “Prometeo” operation (25/06/2019) [en]

After the arrests of 21 May 2019 for therepressive operation “Prometeo”(“Prometheus”), Robert and Beppe were imprisoned in the Opera prison in Milan until June 21st, while Natasha wasimprisoned in France.

In the maximum security prison of Opera, Robert and Beppe spent an entire month in isolation in section 41bis, as there is no AS2 section [“High Surveillance 2”], with only an hour a day of “socializing” by being able to see each other, and the rest of the day with the barrier closed. This “illegal” regime was reported to the judge, PM and guarantor of the detainees, especially since the isolation had not been requested by the judge, but nothing changed for a month.


Czech Republic: Trial with the accused in Fenix 2 [en]

On July 1th and 3th, 2019, the trial with 4 anarchists and one environmentalist accused in operation Fenix 2 will be taking place at the district court of Most, every day at 8:30 a.m.

Come to support them at the courthouse or by any solidarity action. Let them know you are not apathetic to their future as you are not towards the freedom of all of us. Any way of expressing support is welcomed!

Italy: Updates on anarchist prisoners [en]

“Prometeo” operation: Natascia was transferred to the prison of L’Aquila and started a hunger strike
The anarchist comrade Natascia Savio, arrested on May 21, 2019, for the “Prometeto” (“Prometheus”) operation (together with Giuseppe and Robert), was transferred from the Rebibbia women’s prison in Rome to the prison of L’Aquila, precisely in the same section (AS2, “High Surveillance 2”) where are imprisoned Anna Beniamino and Silvia Ruggeri, on a hunger strike since May 29th. Also in June she was transferred from the prison of Gradignan, near Bordeaux (in France), to Rome Rebibbia, where she was imprisoned for a few days and where she began a hunger strike in solidarity with Anna and Silvia. On 20 June it became known that she was transferred to L’Aquila, so the comrade is actually imprisoned under the same conditions and restrictions imposed on Anna and Silvia. Solidarity with Anna, Silvia, Alfredo, Marco and Natascia on hunger strike!


Italy: “Prometeo” operation — Natasha was transferred to the Rebibbia prison in Rome [en]

Natascia was transferred from the prison in Gradignan, near Bordeaux (France), to the Rebibbia women’s prison in Rome. Here the address:
Natascia Savio
Casa Circondariale di Roma Rebibbia femminile
via Bartolo Longo 92
00156 Roma

Here the addresses of the other arrested comrades:

Greece: CCF Member Damiano Bolano Released from Prison [en]

On Tuesday, 21/5, the member of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, Damiano Bolano, was released. The comrade has been in custody since March 2011 [precisely he was arrested on March 14th].

Freedom to all!
Until the last prison has been destroyed!
We support the imprisoned fighters morally, materially, politically.

Solidarity Fund for Prisoners and Persecuted Fighters

Greece: The anarchist Giannis Michailidis has escaped from Tyrintha prison [en]

The anarchist prisoner Giannis Michailidis [sometimes the name is reported as Yannis and the surname as Mihailidis] escaped a few days ago from the so-called rural prison of Tyrintha (Tiryns), in Peloponnese. He was arrested on 1 February 2013 following the double robbery that took place in Velventos (Kozani region, in Greece), along with the anarchists Nikos Romanos, Dimitris Politis and Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos (for the same facts on 30 April 2013 were also arrested the fugitives anarchists Argyris Dalios, Fivos Harisis, Giannis Naxakis and Grigoris Sarafoudis — not all of them were convicted of robberies). The comrade, before the escape, was serving a sentence of 16 years and 4 months, imposed with the sentence that followed the trial regarding the facts of Velventos. Furthermore, in 2015 he was sentenced to 15 years for charges linked to an attack on the police on May 18, 2011, in Pefki, during a police check (two policemen were wounded and the anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos was arrested, wounded as well). Giannis is also known as “the archer of Syntagma” since, in February 2011, in the clashes during a general strike, he was arrested for hitting the riot police that protected the Greek parliament in Syntagma Square (Athens) with a bow and arrow.


Italy: Updates on Juan and Manu, anarchists arrested on May 22 in Brescia [it]

Juan was transferred to the prison of Terni. He is accused of “association with the purpose of terrorism or subversion of the democratic order” (art. 270bis of the penal code), “act of terrorism with deadly or explosive devices” (art. 280bis) and “massacre” (article 285) for the attack against the headquarters of the “Lega Nord” party in Treviso in August 2018, of “possession of forged documents” (497bis) and of “carrying of weapons or objects to offend” (for a small knife, article 4 of law 110/75).
Manu was transferred to the Monza prison [this last comrade is accused of “personal aiding” (art. 378), in reference to the absconding of Juan].


Italy: Updates on the hunger strike of imprisoned anarchists for the closure of the AS2 section of L’Aquila [it]

The hunger strike for the closure of the AS2 section [“High Surveillance 2”] of the prison of L’Aquila continues [it was started by the anarchists Anna Beniamino and Silvia Ruggeri on 29 May, 2019].

The anarchists prisoners Alfredo Cospito, Marco Bisesti, Luca Dolce [since 29 May], Salvatore Vespertino [since 31 May] and Giovanni Ghezzi [since 30 May] also joined the hunger strike.

In our closeness, we will not publish or in any way give space to petitions, telegrams, faxes, mail bombings or any means of civil pressure aimed at emphasizing the current repressive situation; we consider these means not only useless but harmful, counterproductive and objectively enemies of anti-authoritarian thought and action, which unfold in a very different horizon.


Italy: Declaration of Silvia and Anna on the beginning of the hunger strike in L’Aquila prison [en]

On the morning of May 29, 2019, in the court of Turin was held the first hearing in the trial against some anarchists for the occupation of Corso Giulio 45 (Turin). One of the defendants is Silvia, arrested on 7 February in the context of the “Scintilla” repressive operation and the eviction of the Asilo Occupato in Turin. The comrade via videoconference (which prevents her from being present at the hearings) read a text written by her and Anna announcing the beginning of a hunger strike against the conditions and restrictions imposed in the AS2 section of the prison of L’Aquila (prison conditions comparable to those of detention under the 41bis regime, present right in the prison where they are locked up). We remind that the anarchist comrade Anna Beniamino is imprisoned since 6 September 2016 for the “Scripta manent” operation, for which on 24 April was issued the sentence in the trial of first instance. She was sentenced to 17 years and four other comrades sentenced between 5 and 20 years of prison.
Revolutionary solidarity with the comrades on hunger strike and with all the imprisoned anarchists!


Italy: “Renata” operation — Stecco transferred to the prison of Ferrara [en]

We inform that anarchist comrade Luca Dolce, known as Stecco, was transferred from the prison of Tolmezzo (in the province of Udine) to the prison of Ferrara, precisely in the AS2 section (“High Surveillance 2”) where are imprisoned the anarchist comrades recently sentenced in the first instance trial for the “Scripta manent” operation. Stecco has been in prison since February 19, 2019, arrested along with seven other anarchists in the context of the repressive operation called “Renata”.

On May 9, five anarchists imprisoned for this repressive operation were transferred to house arrest: Agnese (who had recently been transferred to the new AS2 section in the prison of L’Aquila), Giulio, Roberto (who were detained in Tolmezzo), Andrea and Nicola (who were detained in Ferrara). Only comrade Luca Dolce (known as “Stecco”) remained in prison due to other final sentences. While another comrade, Sasha, who was also arrested on 19 February and immediately placed under house arrest, had this last “precautionary measure” transformed into an obligation to stay and return home from 9.00 pm to 7.00 am.