Italia: È uscito n° 8 di “Fenrir” – pubblicazione anarchica ecologista [it]

È disponibile il numero 8 di FENRIR, pubblicazione anarchica ecologista di supporto ai/le prigionierx, azione diretta, aggiornamenti e analisi sulle lotte anarchiche e di liberazione animale, umana e della terra in tutto il mondo. 84 pagine A4

In questo numero:
- Editoriale
- Se non ora, quando?
- Per un Giugno Pericoloso
- Scia di attacchi alle infrastrutture energetiche e dialogo tra anarchicx
- Su anonimato, rivendicazione e riproducibilità delle azioni
- Un naufragio in corso?
- La scienza al servizio della repressione
- L’individuo nella società tecnologica. La schiavitù dell’automazione
- Nell’era digitale
- A cosa serve l’energia?
- Canti di festa da terre lontane
- Il sangue nel microchip
- Guerra per la sopravvivenza in Africa
- Cyborg anti-tecnologia?
- Notizie dal necromondo
- Insurrezione contro il

Italy: Anarchist newspaper “Vetriolo” issue 1 is out, autumn 2017 [en]

We published issue 1 of anarchist paper Vetriolo at last. At the same time we also printed issue 0 for those who have recently asked for copies, as it had been out of stock for a while. After several months of censorship the contribution anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito wrote last winter for the previous issue has arrived. His letter had been blocked and seized on order of inquisitor judge Sparagna, the “scripta manent” operation’s instigator.
In this new issue there’s space for analysis on questions that were raised in the previous one, in particular the questions of cities, political alliances and internationalism, the history of the exploited’ movement and the continuation of an attempt at the analysis and elaboration of an anarchist theory of the State. Moreover we also treated other questions: a critical reflection of the concept of consistency; another one on survival in urban spaces and the changes that the latter undergo; an article of analysis on technology, in particular robotics, from an ecological point of view and in terms of its social and antisocial consequences. We dedicate an important part to the issue of “war”. With our often bitter tone and polemic articles we

Italia: E’ uscito “Vetriolo” – numero 1 – autunno ‘17 [it]

Infine abbiamo pubblicato il numero 1 del giornale anarchico Vetriolo. In concomitanza abbiamo anche ristampato il numero 0, per coloro che recentemente ce ne hanno chiesto copie, siccome esaurito da tempo. Dopo svariati mesi di censura è arrivato il contributo che il compagno anarchico Alfredo Cospito scrisse nell’inverno scorso per l’uscita del precedente numero; lettera che venne bloccata e sequestrata per ordine del giudice inquisitore Sparagna, mandante dell’operazione “scripta manent”.
In questo nuovo numero c’è spazio per approfondimenti su questioni aperte nel precedente, in particolare sulla questione delle città, sul frontismo e l’internazionalismo, sulla storia del movimento degli sfruttati, e il proseguo del tentativo di analisi ed elaborazione di una teoria anarchica dello Stato. Inoltre, abbiamo analizzato anche altre questioni: una riflessione etica sul concetto di coerenza; un’altra sulla sopravvivenza negli spazi urbani e sulle modificazioni che in questi avvengono; un articolo di analisi della tecnologia e, in particolare, della robotica, sia da un punto di vista ecologico che da quello delle conseguenze sociali e anti-sociali. Uno spazio importante lo dedichiamo al tema della “guerra”. Con il nostro tono spesso aspro e con articoli polemici, auspichiamo

UK: Online version of Return Fire vol.4 [en]

Here’s the PDFs for the most recent version of Return Fire, vol.4, of autumn 2016 – additionally with the supplement that accompanies it. Once again, 100 pages of passion, commentary, proposals and interview material. The supplement, Caught in the Net, is a survey of critical perspectives on what information age technology is doing to our cognitive abilities, our health more generally, and our capacity to rebel. It comes as a separate document, of another 28 pages. Both colour and greyscale cover options are available, for further reproduction and distribution.

Return Fire #4 — cover colour
Return Fire #4 — cover B&W
Return Fire #4 — contents
Caught in the Net — Return Fire #4 supplement

To give you an idea, a few of the featured pieces are the Institute for the Study of Insurgent Warfare’s essay Panopticons Then & Now, arguing for a more sophisticated understanding of the surveillance State; On the Catastrophe of the Salmon Farms and Martime Devastation in the Patagonian Sea as recounted by members of Colectivo Critica y Accion following the events of 2016; words on avoiding needlessly repetitious deeds and indeed aiming to ‘hit where it hurts’ as highlighted in Dissonanz #34 by Taking Apart Authority; and Sold Out to the Industry tells of U.K. unionism cosying up to the fracking prospectors, from The Acorn.
Other articles we have condensed or synthesised are those such as the ‘Antagonistic Margins’ of seduction, contagion and queering the ‘terrortory’, by The Experimentation Committee; the presentation of “Another Figure of the Migrant” as theorised by Thomas Nail in conversation with the Hostis journal; or Ed Lord’s discussion of modernity and questions of psychological ‘disorders’, ‘A Profound Dis-ease’.
Plenty of direct attacks on structures of our enemies found their way into

UK: “Tool 4 Crowd-Control – Class War-Horse” – Anarcho-nihilist zine from Dark Matter Publ. (04/2017) [en]

PDF: Tool 4 Crowd-Control – Class War-Horse‘

A short anarcho-nihilist zine from Bristol about personal approaches to class warfare, living on the margins and kicking it till it breaks. You know the score.

This zine asks the question – If you are one of the ‘comrades’ who are always going on about the class-struggle, why don’t you get off your ass and do something instead of standing there criticizing at the squat/gig/bar etc?

Dark Matter Publications

Italy: The latest paper issue of the a-periodical “Croce Nera Anarchica” no.3 [en]

To anyone who wants copies for themselves, archives or distribution, the latest paper issue of the a-periodical “Croce Nera Anarchica” no.3 is still available.
For info and copies write to: croceneranarchica (at)
(You can download the PDF in the download section or directly from this link )
The post address has changed as follows:
C.P. 104


We want to point out that the anarchist prisoners’ fund needs money. The fund is for all anarchist prisoners, so the money raised is used in this way:
- Sent to the comrades in prison every 15 days
- Used for legal expenses and experts’ reports
- If visiting relatives or comrades need it, their journeys are paid for, given that visits are essential.
- The money is also used for info material (news, updates, destructive actions, communiques, etc.), which is sent to the prisoners every 15 days so that they can keep up to date on what is happening outside.
- It is also used also for telegrams in case of urgent communication such as transfers, reports, disciplinary sanctions, etc.
Anyone who wants to know details about the destination of the money sent to the fund can write to us and specify it.
Account name OMAR NIOI
Postepay card number 4023600919342891

Croce Nera Anarchica

(translated by act for freedom now!)

Elephant Ed. : Juan José Garfia — Adiós Prisión. The story of the most spectacular escapes [en]

Download: PDF

Original title: ADIÓS PRISIÓN. El relato de las fugas mas espectaculares, First Spanish edition: Txalaparta ed., Tafalla, October 1995
Italian Edition: ADIÓS PRISIÓN. Il racconto delle fughe più spettacolari Biblioteca Dell’Evasione, August 2008
Translated by Barbara Stefanelli and Jean Weir in collaboration with Antonia and other accomplices

Introduction to the English edition
As soon as I finished reading Adiós Prisión in the Italian edition published in August 2008 I felt the urge to translate it. It is one of those books that you do not want to finish. You cannot get it out of your head, you want to delve deeper and deeper into it.
This book talks about freedom, the urgent need for freedom and the impossibility of living without it. This book says that freedom must be taken back at all costs and that is exactly what the protagonists of Adiós Prisión, Spanish prisoners under the infamous FIES regime, did: they took back their freedom using all means necessary, challenging the impossible, ready to kill for it if necessary. There is no room for political correctness or abstract morals concerning human life here: if the screws keep you locked up and your life, even in its most banal and insignificant aspects, is at the mercy of their caprice, violence and stupidity, your only choice is to eliminate them if they put themselves between you and your freedom.
The protagonists of this book are not passive subjects of the prison system, on the contrary they are well aware of the fact that prison is the absolute negation of human dignity. As FIES prisoners they are experiencing directly how human beings will never adapt to life in prison, and their most impelling need is to escape in order to put an end to a situation that is unendurable.
The FIES, Ficheros de Internos de Especial Seguimento (record of prisoners under special observation) was inaugurated by the Spanish prison system in 1991 in order to further punish and control prisoners who had been carrying out revolts in the Spanish jails over the previous decades. Two amnesties were granted following the dictator Franco’s death, one in 1976 and one in 1977, but they were systematically denied to a large number of prisoners, the ‘social’ prisoners, whereas many of those declared or considered ‘political’ were released. It was then that revolts started breaking out continuously, not only for the amnesty to be extended to all prisoners but also against the unbearable conditions inside the jails (torture, beatings, overcrowding, rotten food, no medical attention for prisoners affected by medical conditions, and so on). Prison infrastructures were smashed and destroyed as a result of the frequent riots that occurred in most Spanish prisons in the years following Franco’s death. The FIES was created with the precise aim of keeping a record of the most rebellious prisoners of those years. However, it was not just an archive for gathering information about hot-headed prisoners: along with its inauguration special wings were being built inside prisons all over Spain to hold those considered particularly dangerous by the prison system. In the special wings the cells were tiny, the walls were completely bare, the toilet was a hole in the floor, the bed was made of iron, and it was impossible to see out through the barred window. Prisoners spent days, months, years locked up in these dungeons and were allowed to keep nothing with them as their personal possessions were seized on entry to the wing. The screws were always ready to provoke, search and beat prisoners, knowing that they could count on total impunity and the

Nuovo archivio delle edizioni in lingua inglese “Elephant Editions” (Lavori in corso) [it]

Quando le parole si mescolano con la passione di approfondire la nostra comprensione della realtà, diventano armi indispensabili per l’auto-organizzazione della lotta contro tutto quello che ci opprime. Non rimangono solo sulla carta – o sullo schermo – ma penetrano nei cuori e spiriti ribelli, donando coraggio e risolutezza – se molti di noi non reagiscono contro ciò che viola la nostra dignità spesso non è per mancanza di coraggio, ma perché semplicemente non sappiamo da dove iniziare.
Dobbiamo liberare la realtà dalla dimensione fittizia creata dai media, per renderla tangibile ed esposta all’attacco. Per poter raggiungere questo abbiamo bisogno di conoscere il nemico in tutte le sue forme, incluse quelle che giacciono nascoste dentro di noi, accovacciate, aspettando di balzare per spingerci indietro nell’ovile del consenso o dissenso governabile. Leggere certi testi diventa un incontro, le tensioni che sentiamo bruciare dentro diventano più chiare, e diviene più facile assimilarle per passare all’attacco.
Abbiamo bisogno anche di analisi – dell’economia, delle “nuove” tecnologie. Senza le nostre, proprie idee, analisi e progettualità non siamo nulla, mere astrazioni che costruiscono castelli in aria.
Attacco e teoria dell’attacco, che è la stessa cosa per gli anarchici, rappresentano gli elementi essenziali di lotta, senza i quali esisterebbe solo di nome. Perciò, abbiamo bisogno anche della critica dei metodi anarchici: delle fisse organizzazioni anarchiche di sintesi, del sindacalismo o delle federazioni che poggiano sui numeri, dato che sono limitative e anacronistiche in termini di attacco. Nello stesso tempo, abbiamo bisogno di una critica delle organizzazioni clandestine fisse e dell’“attacco al cuore dello Stato”, prevalenti negli anni Settanta, e di valorizzare i piccoli gruppi basati sull’affinità, sull’agire diretto, per trasformare la realtà senza nessun senso di sacrificio, ma per la propria gioia e libertà immediata, nel contesto della libertà per tutti.
L’anarchismo non è un concetto storico o una teoria politica, è un modo di concepire la vita, “una scommessa che dobbiamo giocare giorno dopo giorno”, e non consideriamo la storia come fondamento – o “fare la storia” l’obiettivo – della nostra azione. Tuttavia, gli anarchici possiedono un ricco e passionale passato, o meglio lascito, che diventa nostro solo quando lo incontriamo attraverso il proprio confronto con l’autorità e il dominio. Lontano dai tediosi tomi scolastici, le vite dei compagni del passato, le loro idee, i loro metodi e le loro azioni, le loro lotte e le conseguenze (spesso il carcere o addirittura la morte) vivono e possiedono per noi un significato oggi, mentre cerchiamo di lottare contro le condizioni del capitale post-industriale. Per questo motivo abbiamo pubblicato, e continueremo, anche testi dei o sugli anarchici e ribelli del passato, che hanno ancora oggi molto da dire quando si incontrano attraverso una dimensione di scambio di idee ed esperienze tra chi legge e chi scrive.
Quindi, Elephant Editions è semplicemente una collezione di testi, un contributo nel grande calderone di sogni, idee e sperimentazioni per coloro che hanno deciso di trasformare i loro desideri in realtà, adesso, senza rimandare.

Novi arhiv izdanja na engleskom jeziku “Elephant Editions” (Radovi u toku)
Kada se riječi pomiješaju sa strašću za produbljivanjem našeg shvaćanja realnosti, one postaju neophodno oružje za samo-organizaciju borbe protiv svega što nas ugnjetava. Ne ostaju na papiru – ili na ekranu – već prodru u pobunjenička srca i duhove, pružajući hrabrost i odlučnost – jer ako mnogi od nas ne djeluju protiv onoga što vrijeđa naše dostojanstvo često nije zato što im nedostaje hrabrosti, nego jednostavno jer ne znamo odakle početi.
Trebamo osloboditi realnost od fiktivne dimenzije koju su stvorili mediji, kako bi postala opipljiva i izložena napadu. Da bi to postigli trebamo upoznati neprijatelja u svim njegovim oblicima, uključujući i one koji leže sakriveni unutar nas, šćućureni, čekajući da iskoče i povuku nas nazad u tor suglasja ili podatnog otpora. Čitanje određenih tekstova postaje susret, tenzije koje osjećamo da gore u nama postaju jasnije, čime ih lakše asimiliramo kako bi prešli u napad.
Trebamo i analize – ekonomije, “novih” tehnologija. Bez naših vlastitih ideja, analiza i projekata mi smo ništa, puke

“Hands Off!” — Solidarity-zine for anarchists accused of bank robberies in Aachen-Germany (11/2016) [en]

from the introduction:

These pages shine a light on three anarchists presently sequestered in the dungeons of the neo dark ages as a result of the collusion between money lenders, science laboratories, judges and their henchmen.
It all began a few years ago. Two branches of dedicated speculators in genocide, worldwide slavery and domestic misery – Aachener Bank and Pax Bank, bank of the Vatican, – were relieved of a fraction of their spoils when employees obeyed the requests of some clients arms in hand. No shots fired, a couple of news items, examples of one of the few ways for the excluded to deal with banks: put one’s life on the line and take back some of what has been stolen from us all, in anticipation of destroying the bank itself and the exploitation that goes with it. If this elementary activity has changed little over the centuries, the retaliatory instruments available to such institutions through their eager defenders have extended to the laboratories of high technology (which they finance), opening up a new repressive era for those who do not accept the logic of misery and waiting.
If once the bosses’ hounds would sniff around for ‘clues’, they now claim to extract them from inside our very bodies, to which end they have invented a whole series of tricks, some of which are denounced in the pages that follow, after turning to their cyber colleagues and the now ubiquitous practice of DNA matching. As a result, three anarchists from various European countries have been targeted, accused, imprisoned and

Bristol [UK]: “Pub Quiz” #5 — Anarcho-nihilist flyposter zine by Dark Matter Publ. (10/2016) [en]

PDF: ‘Pub Quiz #5 – We are all on a no-fly list, are you?’ – Anarcho-nihilist flyposter zine by anti-social hooligans

As part of Dark Matter Publications and in line with the nihilist ethos of the project we present this latest zine by some anti-social hooligans in Bristol. It’s made up of cut-n-paste flyposters that have been spread around the city and the originals are collected here for the first time. These are not professional posters of the official movement, but dirty DIY amateur efforts about topics as diverse as police repression, eco-action, surveillance and consumerism. This is what happens when fevered twisted minds get hold of stationary and scissors. Being mainly flyposters, the zine contains pretty much no prolonged verbal diarrhea, long-winded sectarian tripe or boring pontifications posing as critical theory or whatever.

Anti-social hooligans

Paroxysm of Chaos #2 [en]

New issue of anarcho-nihilist magazine “Paroxysm of Chaos” (first issue).
Download: Paroxysm of Chaos #2

– Desecration of universality and the theatrical significance of civilisation’s performances (pages 2–5)
-Chaotic iconoclasm and incineration of idols (Anticivilisation paroxysm part 1) (pages 6–9)
-The coronation of moralism upon the throne of the ghost of Nature (Anticivilisation paroxysm part 2) (pages 9–19)
-Breaking the windows that sell the products of civilisation (Anticivilisation paroxysm part 3) (pages 20–21)
-My misanthropism (Anticivilisation paroxysm part 4) (pages 21–23)
-Wildness in the city (pages 24–28)
-A Life (pages 28–31)
-Insurrection or revolution? (pages 32–35)
-The unique one meets the overhuman II (pages 36–37)
-Moments of war (pages 38–45)
-Poetry of the void (pages 46–49)
-Introduction to the project Antisocial Evolution (pages 50–53)
-On being lyrical (pages 54–55)

e-mail: paroxysmofexistence(at)

Preventivna represija anarhističkih riječi i djela [Grčka] [hr]

Već godinama različite državne agencije za represiju vode istrage pod jedinim kriterijem: osumnjičenikov politički stav. A to je stav anarhista, nadasve onih koji pretvaraju svoje ideje u djela, koji naoružavaju svoje želje i napadaju autoritet države. Zato je svaka istraga povezana s mogućim kaznenim progonom drugova, po zakonima njihove „demokracije”. Policijski progon koji započinje tekstovima i širi se na sva moguća polja djelovanja nije ništa novo za anarhističke sredine.
Naprotiv, postoji zabilježena prošlost o takvim progonima u zemljama kao što su Italija, Čile itd., gdje postoji snažno anarhističko prisustvo koje promiče neposredno djelovanje i interveniranje. Zajednički cilj današnje međunarodne policije je sprječavanje anarhističke propagande, anarhističkog djelovanja i širenje naših ideja. Iz tog razloga u mnogim slučajevima čak ni ne oklijevaju pri skidanju ulaštene maske „demokracije” koja navodno dozvoljava „slobodu govora i mišljenja”. Zato se svaka iluzija koju netko možda još gaji, urušava. Sada su stvari jasne:
„anarhističko djelo ili riječ je ili protuzakonito ili ne postoji!”
Novi oblik represije se danas vrši nad brojnim našim zatvorenicima koji su protuzakonito lišeni slobode pod optužbom utemeljenom na njihovom političkom identitetu i zato što su preuzeli odgovornost kako za svoja djela tako i za svoju organizaciju. Sigurni smo da će se u budućnosti navedena strategija preventivne represije, progona s maksimalnim kaznama, ubrzanim suđenjima, kao i pokušaj izoliranja i ušutkivanja, primjenjivati svugdje, ili će barem to pokušati: osim naše zatvorenike, pokušat će napasti anarhistička svratišta i samoorganizirane prostore koji štite i promiču anarhističke vrijednosti. Uz nedavna suđenja radi se o generalnoj probi nove doktrine koju država želi sprovesti. Novi val represije je u biti samo ažuriranje prethodne represije koja uspostavlja preventivnu represiju nad subverzivnim riječima naših zatvorenika.
Izrada i širenje praktičnih priručnika za djelovanje ili tekstova koji promiču anarhističku urbanu gerilu bit će tretirani kao „terorističko djelovanje”, riskirajući godine zatvora. Državna moć pokušava zato procijeniti

Christos Tsakalos
Kronika sa suđenja za „250 kaznenih djela” [hr]

*** Posthumna presuda

Kada se nešto okonča obično nas zanima samo opći pregled.
Kalkuliramo korist i štetu.
Rijetko pogledamo unazad da bi razmislili o smjeru koji je doveo do krajnjeg ishoda. A još rjeđe gledamo ispred da bi promatrali novi obzor koji se rađa, kada danas postaje jučer...
Dva suđenja protiv Zavjere Vatrenih Ćelija okončala su se prije dva tjedna. Jedan je, u vezi 250 djela organizacije, trajao više manje 3 godine, dok je drugi, u vezi pokušaja bijega, trajao 5 dramatičnih mjeseci u neprekidnom ozračju tenzije s predsjedavajućom sutkinjom.
Svako od nas, tko je preuzeo političku odgovornost za ZVĆ i stao u obranu organizacije i njenih djela, osuđen je na 21–28 godina zatvora na prvom suđenju, a na 115 svako od nas na drugom...
Prvi zaključak je da suci vjeruju u zagrobni život, budući da jedan životni vijek nije dovoljan da se te kazne odsluže.
Drugi zaključak je da odabir urbane gerile i oružanog revolucionarnog djelovanja

Lukáš Borl
Izbjeći nadzor države [hr]

Anarhist sam, pobunjenik, a to za mene mnogo znači. Između ostalog, da mi prijete isti oni protiv kojih se borim. Među svim drugim pobunjenicama, s nama, anarhistima, stvar je složenija. Uvijek nam prijeti opasnost, bez obzira u koje vrijeme ili na kojem mjestu mi živjeli – kao borci protiv svih država anarhisti se uvijek nalaze pod prijetnjom represije i nasilja. U monarhiji, teokraciji, u fašističkoj ili boljševičkoj diktaturi, isto kao i u vrijeme liberalne demokracije. Svi bi anarhisti trebali živjeti sa spoznajom da se svaki dan može pojaviti pesnica državne represije.

No, premda sam oduvijek osjećao tu prijetnju, kroz godine moje anarhističke aktivnosti taj sam osjećao prilično umrtvio. Nije me previše emocionalno dodirnulo kada su se pojavili neki od učestalo ponavljanih oblika represije. Postali su rutina. U svakom trenutku panduri nasilnički napadaju anarhističke prosvjede ili deložiraju skvotove. Svako toliko nekog uhapse, da bi ga nakon nekog vremena otpustili uz novčanu kaznu ili na uvjetnu slobodu. Ništa posebno u anarhističkoj sredini. Ne moramo zbog toga pasti u očaj, trebamo se samo znati nositi s takvim situacijama. Ja sam se počeo neminovno susretati s tim uzastopnim problemima zbog anarhističkih aktivnosti. Trebamo to samo držati na umu, da ako se netko bori protiv države onda će mu ta ista država i uzvratiti

Poland: Fanzine about the anarchists recently arrested in Warsaw [ENG] [en]

On the night of May 23rd, the police in Warsaw arrested three anarchists on charges of an alleged arson attempt of a police vehicle. The three were transferred to a remand prison where they are to be held in custody for three months, awaiting trial. They face up to 8 years in prison. Media frenzy broke out over the arrest in the past few days, with high-ranking politicians and experts on terrorism discussing the matter on TV. Photos and video reruns of the arrested walking with chains around their feet and hands are broadcast on public transportation. The text below is a translation of the statement that was sent out by various groups from the anarchist and wider social justice community in Poland, in response to


Prema kulturi sigurnosti.
Unatoč činjenici da se naši drugovi nalaze iza rešetaka optuženi za konstrukcije koje nemaju nikakve veze sa požarima Mreže Revolucionarnih Ćelija, možemo ipak aplaudirati pandurima. Operacija "Feniks" je mnoge paralizira. Zapeli smo o prečku koju su nam postavili i zaplašili one kojima smo vjerovali i smatrali prijateljima.
Kako je uopće do toga došlo? Jednostavno - jednom se to moralo desiti. Anarhizam je po svojoj prirodi nelegalan. Ometati status quo, dovoditi u pitanje postojeće ili "jednostavno" preuzeti sudbinu u vlastite ruke, povezati se - sve to država ne voli. Zato, dok god bude bilo države i njenih snaga reda, dok bude zaštitnika postojećeg poretka, uvijek ćemo im biti na nišanu. Više manje. Biti anarhist, prema tome, znači biti u stalnoj opasnosti i stalno se izlagati riziku, jer ne možemo izumiti čarobni štapić ili jednostavno zanemariti. Svijet, a pogotovo vrijeme u kojem živimo, nam to ne dozvoljava.
Ali, time nije sve gotovo. Da, naši neprijatelji su nam stalno za vratom. Da, naši neprijatelji su moćni. No, to ne znači da bi mi trebali pognuti glavu! Pri operaciji Feniks naša "ljutnja" ne bi smjela ostati nijema. To je upravo ono što oni očekuju od nas. Naprotiv. Ljutiti se, ali i biti pažljivi!
Često ne znamo kako se pažljivo kretati gradom; ne znamo što nam prijeti; ne znamo kako nešto sprovesti u djelo. Obuhvaća nas strah i rizik da nas uhvate raste, ako se uopće na nešto odvažimo. No, uz dovoljno znanja možemo umanjiti strah i kontrolirati rizik. Kada znamo gdje se kamera nalazi, kako da je izbjegnemo i ne ostavimo tragove iza sebe, gotovo da smo pobijedili. Drugim riječima, što bolje poznajemo neprijatelja više snage imamo u našim rukama.


Return Fire #3 : Contents (Winter 2015-2016)
Colonisation (Glossary, Return Fire #3)
Smarter Prison A5 imposed
RF #3 Colour Cover
RF #3 B&W Cover
Upravo smo objavili PDF verzije naših nedavnih štampi, za skidanje i štampanje. (Za prethodne brojeve pogledaj ovdje). Ukratko, pred vama je prošireno izdanje "Return Fire" br. 3 (zima 2015.-2016.), ispunjen vijestima, teorijom, poezijom i antagonizmom. Popraćen je tekstom iz našeg "glosarija" o kolonizaciji; prijelomom teksta za štampanje "Pametniji zatvor?", koji smo dobili od "Radical Interference i objavili u decembru 2015.; i, na kraju, prenijeli smo jedan od tekstova iz br. 3, "Veil Drops" na kao odvojeni tekst za čitanje i štampu.


Prošle nedjelju u noć (24. aprila) jedna je osoba uhapšena u Hagu zbog sumnje da je ljepila anarhističke zidne novine. Optužena je za poticanje protiv vlasti, na nasilje i za ljepljenje plakata. U četvrtak će biti izvedena pred istražnog suca koji će odlučiti da li će biti otpuštena ili premještena u pritvor.
Prethodnog tjedna anarhisti su podijelili na stotine zidnih novina u kvartovima Transvaal i Schilderswijk, te na drugim mjestima u gradu. Prvi broj zidnih novina govori u lanjskoj pobuni na području Schilderswijka, kada je na tisuće ljudi prosvjedovalo danima protiv policije i države nakon ubojstva Mitcha Henriqueza, kojeg je zadavila policija. Henriquez je još jedna žrtva policijskog rasističkog nasilja u Haagu. Mjesecima nakon pobune policija i dalje hapsi lanjske pobunjenike.
Sada kada je je još jedna osoba završila u zatvoru, a izgleda da bi ga tužilaštvo vrlo rado zadržalo što duže moguće na temelju sumnje za širenje plakata, izražavanje naše solidarnosti je jedina stvar koju možemo učiniti. Solidarnost kroz djela.
Na donjem linku možete skinuti anarhističke zidne novine. Štampajte i širite, ili izrazite solidarnost na bilo koji mogući način.
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Zaustavimo represiju! Solidarnost sa zatvorenicima!
Srušimo policiju i državu! Dug život anarhiji!

Gross Misconduct and the Guerrila Massive Poems and Lunacy from Bristol [en]

This title refers to a guy who was sacked at Bristol flying school who smashed his ex-workplace up, smashing all the windows, computers and ripping all the phones out, causing £200,000 of damage, and writing in his own blood, “Gross Misconduct” on the wall. He escaped the scene but was arrested at a later date. It took the company a week to be back to normal. These types of events in UK are of a regular occurrence and show that many people just don’t give a fucking shit. They will fightback when they meltdown.

These are some of the observations I’ve put on paper that warm the spirit in my blood, not patiently waiting on bus stops or dole queues, or smiling at people I don’t give a shit about, but I do it all the same, because it helps the day run along that much smoother. I kick myself for the social compromises I make, politeness for an easy ride.

[...] The bigger problem, far larger than the cops, is the self-policing, self-regulating activist-anarchist badge-wearers. They’re two-a-penny in the pound-shop, jumped-up, in your face, waving the finger at anything slightly violent.
Beware you are being monitored.
Yeah, the cops might see us as lawless, reckless bastards, prepared to give them the runaround at any given moment, but they sure can’t write us off as bleating hot-air blowing wankers content with shuffling paper and networking for more numbers. As a comparison of our lives, it’s like being wolves; we travel large distances together sometimes over rough ground to hunt a selected target. Then after a short feast, we disperse. We never do the hang-out thing in public arenas together, open space where we could be shot down or captured. The time of celebration is short-lived. Maybe this is the nature, the price, of this beautiful struggle, not a back-slapping orgy of self-congratulation for taking the path most trodden.[...]

"325" #11 [hr]

"325" #11 features articles like : 3 texts about Flooding, Nuclear- Energy and Urban War- “Climate change, nuclear-energy and urban war in the new century”, “Road Ahead Closed” and “Electricity grid at risk as floods increase” by ‘Anti-civilisation cell of training & analysis, – N.T.’, “2 poems by Rodolfo Gonzalez Pacheco (1882-1949)”, “Industrial Alienation”- the social impact of industrialisation (from Terra Selvagia), “Anarchist comrades contributions to the IX Meeting for Animal Liberation in Italy, 2013”, “Memories from the Future: The Coming Technological Singularity”, about the visions of techno-futurist Ray Kurzweil, “Information… and Slavery”, “Necrotechnologies & Synthetic Biology”, “War to the machines! by Gianluca Iacovacci”, “Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Human Behaviour”, “The Daleks are Coming!” about the advent of semi-autonomous security bots, “Empty House and Crowded Forest & Some Thoughts on FAI/IRF by Eat”, “Escape into Sanity: The Fall by V.Q”, direct action chronology and much much more…