Escalation Some texts concerning the Informal Anarchist Federation and the Insurrectionist Project [en]

A new era of militancy as insurrectionary ideas spread and grow. As more and more people realise the sheer futility od any attempt at dialogue with a global system which exploits, consumes and kills all that which gets in its way, levels of social insurgence grow correspondingly. If we really believe that freedom is worth fighting for, then we must each of us take action as we see fit. This will inevitably lead some sort of violence, which in turns leads to the inevitable debate about violence - its role, its meaning, its usefulness, its validity. This debate is as old as one can remember, and can often end up muddying the waters - acting as distraction at a time when clarity of thought and action are required more than ever. To this end we present these papers...

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire
Fire and Gunpowder A proposition for FAI / IRF [en]

We hear the song of fire that comes from far away. The words smell of gunpowder. From the other side of the world rebellious comrades burn the nights and liberate places and moments. we can hear them... They conspire, plan, attack... We do not have to say anything else, we leave our brothers and sisters to speak for us. “We are all Conspiracy Cells of Fire. C.C.F. is not an organization or just a group. On the contrary it is a antagonistic expression of rage and contempt towards authority and its structures. To spread the C.C.F. all you need is gasoline, matches and the desire to fight for absolute freedom. We have begun the war against the existing order. Mexican C.C.F./FAI” The following text is dedicated to the Mexican C.C.F. and to our brothers and sisters of F.A.I. all around the world.

Asturian Institute of Comparative Vandalism
On Sabotage as One of the Fine Arts [en]

A contribution to the topic of the theory of the practice of Sabotage
The quantitative growth of this practice does not come to us from the hands of propagandists of the spectacle, but rather by taking a walk through the scenario of capitalism, and finding in this drift the burned ATM, the ETTs with shattered windows, the smiths changing the locks of a supermarket. These visions make our complicit smiles blossom and move us to go out that very night to play with fire with the aim of making the same smiles rise on the faces of unknown accomplices through the fellowship of destruction. The number doesn’t matter, but rather the quality of the acts: sabotage, expropriation, self-reduction... they return part of the life that is denied us back to us, but we want it all.

Our lives of burning vision About the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire and more [en]

In the chaos of our own existence we are a part of the imponderable element which organizes subversion, plans mutinies, that leave even ourselves dazed. The translation of texts, letters, communiqués, etc. so that comrades in other countries around the world can read about the desires and ideas and projectuality of the comrades in Greece, is one more weapon at our disposal. What began as a simple desire and a challenge, has brought us into a new field of experiences, acquaintances and responsibilities. Now that we’re here, they will not get rid of us easily. We have become another aspect of the asymmetric threat. The war to the end, has already begun. A fundamental element in this war is solidarity. [...] This is why, as individuals with our actions and solidarity, we will continue with all means possible as anarchist revolutionary insurrectionalists, to express our thoughts and desires, whether it’s through the letters-texts of our fighting comrades who are hostages in the hell-holes of Greek democracy or through the actions of the comrades outside in the streets day and night with all means until social liberation for Anarchy. Actforfreedomnow - Boubouras, March 2011

Jean Weir
Passion for Freedom [en]

The following is an interview with Jean Weir that originally appeared in issue #8 of the UK anarchist magazine 325. Weir is best known for publishing Insurrection magazine, the Elephant Editions publishing project, translating many germinal Italian insurrectionary anarchist texts, and a lifetime of anarchist struggle. We have chosen to reprint this interview for a few reasons. First, and most importantly, Weir’s lucidity is a trait unfortunately lacking in many of today’s anarchist texts. Rather than create sensationalized portrayals of struggle or romanticized images of the past, Weir opts for modesty and frankness. Secondly, Weir’s analyses of prison, insurrection, clandestinity, and anarchist publishing offer important lessons to anarchists currently setting out on the path of active revolt.

Prison: Abolish or Destroy? [en]

The plan is to empty the prisons of the great majority of prisoners and throw them back into the prison-society using the technology of isolation and control; and for the minority of irreducible rebels, keep them inside for ever. What is being presented as ‘progress’ is nothing other than the advance and spread of repression. This is what the abolitionists are really subscribing to: ‘change everything so that everything remains the same’.

Prison Was Created For The Poor [en]

Mothers and Sons: From FIES To Aachen. Pastora and Xose Tarrio Gonzalez - Julia amd Gabriel Pombo Da Silva
Prison Was Created For The Poor focuses on two tireless militants of the Spanish prison struggle, Xose Tarrio Gonzalez and Gabriel Pombo Da Silva, who fought against the brutal F.I.E.S. isolation units. Xose was killed by a life behind bars, and Gabriel spent the half of his life in various prisons. The main part of this book though, is written by neither Xose nor Gabriel, instead it is the text of an interview with their mothers, Pastora and Julia. Through this medium, they tell a powerful and emotional story, which not only takes us inside the world of Spanish high security prisons, but reflects on jails throughout the world.

"Negation" #1 [en]

Nihilist-anarchist solidarity freesheet 1st issue with articles highlighting an animal testing congress in Scotland in March 2015; against fracking; against anthropocentric values; about Glasgow Anarchist Black Cross.
On Negation…. This periodical bulletin exists to widen the current of a nihilist-anarchist critique in Scotland and whatever that may bring. It is your sole responsibility to steal back your life. However, if you are content with shitty food, mundane shopping, police surveillance, civility, boredom and a slow death from cancer and pollution, then perhaps this publication is not for you… We do not care for “recruits” nor do we seek to seem reasonable in the eyes of anyone. – Until next time (A)

Conspiracy of Cells of Fire
The Sun Still Rises [en]

"The guerrilla has finally escaped the pages of books dealing with decades past and taken to the streets with ferocity. Because the urban guerrilla doesn’t offer utopian freedom. She allows access to immediate freedom. Accordingly, each person begins to define herself and liberate herself from society’s passivity." Much appreciation to the comrades of Boubouras / Act For Freedom Now! for their translation efforts and to all the others who translate the words of our comrades in other parts of the globe.

Gabriel Pombo da Silva
Until We Are All Free [en]

“And in 22 years and six (seven) months that I have been jailed (and for that reason tortured until unimaginable limits by "oppressed" "others"). I have said that to be oppressed in fact does not bring even a radical desire to finish yet what oppresses us...One needs to have "pride", dignity, conscience, hatred and intelligence to wish to face the enemy and all the consequences...”

Why we set your nights on fire Communiques of greek nihilists [en]

In these modern societies of hyperactive inertia, in which every idea of history, which also means any idea of the human capacity to organize the affairs of human beings according to their own wishes and intentions, has diminished nearly to zero, it very rarely happens that at least some people bring themselves into a position of assessing these societies in a fundamental and total way - which is the only adequate way because we are dealing with fundamental and total societies leaving practically no niches of potentially creative disorder. However, in Greece such people exist (or should we better say existed - since most of them ended up in prison and their organizations have become all in all dysfunctional?). One of these associations of people called themselves the Revolutionary Cells of Fire. They came into being several years ago as one phenomenon of developments that epitomized in the Greek unrests of December 2008. Laudably, their fundamental approach to society, as is documented in the texts collected here, is characterized by a strong individualism directing permanently towards collective collaboration - and directed not only against the ‚system‘, the ‚structures‘, the ‚relations of production‘, the ‚power‘, but against the every-day life of every-day people, who, as we all know from our own lives, are in every detail entangled and compromised in this still inhuman society.

Word from Insurrectionalist Anarchist Nikos Romanos [en]

We stand next to any comrade who defends their choices in the struggle, independently of the attitude they choose to keep in the courtroom, since we are raging a common struggle that knows no borders nor walls, even if they are prison walls. Solidarity with captive comrades cannot be a sterile automated process. On the contrary it is a crucial point of the anarchist struggle, aiming at the liberation of all comrades, the destruction of the prisons and the complete attack on State and capital, through constant struggle. Until we level their prisons, until we bring the imprisoned anarchists back to the streets where they belong, constant struggle for freedom and anarchy. - Comrades of ActForFreedomNow!

Mapping the Fire International Words of Solidarity with the CCF [en]

"This pamphlet is a meeting point of comrades from all over the world. An imaginary meeting since the walls and bars of the prisons where we are temporaly keepo our bodies hostage." CCF

Actualising Collapse #1 [en]

Actualising Collapse is a collection of iconoclastic texts, rebellious thoughts and proposals on the borderless war against the techno-industrial system, with writings by imprisoned urban guerrillas, uncivilised saboteurs and communiques from the frontlines of the black international of anarchists of praxis. As this publication has taken much longer than originally thought to complete, some of the communiques within in its pages have surely been well read by now, however we believe it is important to run printed copies of said texts to avoid their inevitable disappearance into the void of the internet. Physical copies can be read anywhere, given to friends and best of all they wont give you a fucking headache like attempting to read zines on some glowing screen. So keep an eye out for printed copies around the UK and feel free to print and distribute it without hesitation. Articles concerning illegalism, individualism, tactical analysis with some rants and poems.

Gross Misconduct and the Guerrila Massive Poems and Lunacy from Bristol [en]

This title refers to a guy who was sacked at Bristol flying school who smashed his ex-workplace up, smashing all the windows, computers and ripping all the phones out, causing £200,000 of damage, and writing in his own blood, “Gross Misconduct” on the wall. He escaped the scene but was arrested at a later date. It took the company a week to be back to normal. These types of events in UK are of a regular occurrence and show that many people just don’t give a fucking shit. They will fightback when they meltdown.

These are some of the observations I’ve put on paper that warm the spirit in my blood, not patiently waiting on bus stops or dole queues, or smiling at people I don’t give a shit about, but I do it all the same, because it helps the day run along that much smoother. I kick myself for the social compromises I make, politeness for an easy ride.

[...] The bigger problem, far larger than the cops, is the self-policing, self-regulating activist-anarchist badge-wearers. They’re two-a-penny in the pound-shop, jumped-up, in your face, waving the finger at anything slightly violent.
Beware you are being monitored.
Yeah, the cops might see us as lawless, reckless bastards, prepared to give them the runaround at any given moment, but they sure can’t write us off as bleating hot-air blowing wankers content with shuffling paper and networking for more numbers. As a comparison of our lives, it’s like being wolves; we travel large distances together sometimes over rough ground to hunt a selected target. Then after a short feast, we disperse. We never do the hang-out thing in public arenas together, open space where we could be shot down or captured. The time of celebration is short-lived. Maybe this is the nature, the price, of this beautiful struggle, not a back-slapping orgy of self-congratulation for taking the path most trodden.[...]

"325" #11 [hr]

"325" #11 features articles like : 3 texts about Flooding, Nuclear- Energy and Urban War- “Climate change, nuclear-energy and urban war in the new century”, “Road Ahead Closed” and “Electricity grid at risk as floods increase” by ‘Anti-civilisation cell of training & analysis, – N.T.’, “2 poems by Rodolfo Gonzalez Pacheco (1882-1949)”, “Industrial Alienation”- the social impact of industrialisation (from Terra Selvagia), “Anarchist comrades contributions to the IX Meeting for Animal Liberation in Italy, 2013”, “Memories from the Future: The Coming Technological Singularity”, about the visions of techno-futurist Ray Kurzweil, “Information… and Slavery”, “Necrotechnologies & Synthetic Biology”, “War to the machines! by Gianluca Iacovacci”, “Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Human Behaviour”, “The Daleks are Coming!” about the advent of semi-autonomous security bots, “Empty House and Crowded Forest & Some Thoughts on FAI/IRF by Eat”, “Escape into Sanity: The Fall by V.Q”, direct action chronology and much much more…

Parcel Bombs – Chaotic Manuals of Sabotage Atlantis of Practical Theory [hr]

For all anarchists of praxis, nihilists, anarchists individualists, anticivilization comrades. We send you our love and blaze from the Atlantis of Practical Theory. A few months ago, CCF put a proposition on the table of the Black International. In the communique “Lone wolves are never alone…“, published in the brochure of the comrades of 325, it was written: “We do not share our choices only by speaking and writing texts against the state and its society but also when we offer each other possible practical ways, to make our theory practice”. This proposal has already been set in motion. Siblings unknown to us who share the mutiny of FAI/IRF, and comrades of praxis have published manuals for constructing explosive devices and similar chaotic arts of sabotage. Wanting to contribute as well in creating an international diffusive-chaotic anarchist urban guerrilla, we share with you some practical ideas and some diagrams longing to be detonated… We know well that this is just a first gesture from flame and gunpowder and that countless destructive desires are waiting for us to meet again… Chaos is our friend…

Militant Forces Against HLS (MFAH), Blackmail 3 & The SHAC Model [hr]

Dark Matter Publication: "Militant Forces Against HLS (MFAH), Blackmail 3 & The SHAC Model". "August 2011 Revolt", animal liberationist zine about the fight against Huntingdon Life Sciences.
I claim this opportunity to dedicate this zine to Darko Matthers. A friend & comrade I spent many hours with discussing anarchism, nihilism, and what he coined ‘civil anarchism’. The section on the MFAH [Militant Forces Against Huntingdon] is dedicated to him, for his contribution in publishing insurrectionist zines such as "August 2011 Revolt", as well as his strong conviction in critical analysis.
Person(s) unknown

“Return Fire” #2 [en]

Here’s the online version of Return Fire vol.2, dated Spring 2014. (See here for vol.1). Inside these pages, there’s a mix of news, analysis, artwork, plant profiles and more; some of which are editorial, some other comrades’ recent work as well as our own translations, and some the usual reprints. For example, ‘I Didn’t Want to be a Proud Worker’ is Gabriel Pombo Da Silva’s reminiscence on generous illegality, which appeared as an introduction to the French edition of Huye, Hombre, Huye by Xosé Tarrío González. ‘The Essence of Modern Schooling’ follows the development of the domesticating “education” principle in industrial society by Jan D. Matthews. Plan for Europe’s Biggest Children’s Prison is coverage from the U.K.’s latest counter-information page In The Belly of the Beast, while L’Amour Civilisé, exposing the impoverished social role of coupledom, is out of the journal La Mauvaise Herbe.

Since The Bristol Riots Communiques from the FAI, ELF and other attacks (April 2011 – October 2014) [en]

“Since the Bristol Riots”, is a collection of communiques from the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI), Earth Liberation Front (ELF), and other anonymous attacks in the Bristol area since the riots in April 2011 until October 2014. The communiques include attacks targeted against police, banks, prisons, military, security services, courts, state, church, fascists, media, communications infrastructure, corporations and more. Totaling 96 pages, included is a selection of over a dozen articles related to this time frame and context, such as reports of the Stokes Croft riots and recent police repression against the broader anarchist movement as they investigate the attacks.
For antagonistic struggle, Person(s) unknown