Titolo: Text by Lello
Sottotitolo: (about the operation “Scripta Manent”)


last night [06/09] the repression arrested six “free” comrades e two already imprisoned, and invaded the homes of 33 comrades.

This wave of repression struck an aerea of anarchist movement... the area has not representatives and has not mouthpieces, so each one expresses himself according to his consciousness and is responsible for his own words.

The repression, as always, wants to scare and intimidate, wants to force us to stop or to take a step back.

We thank everyone who has expressed solidarity... the solidarity of comrades is always useful and precious.

For our part, we invite the comrades to express their solidarity in the only way that we consider effective.

Comrades, brothers and sisters, we must not allow repression to achieve its goal. We all must make efforts to multiply our forces to make our struggle against every form of power more sharper, efficient and destructive... Of course, each one will follow his own consciousness e will do what he considers appropriate.

Respond to repression means move forwards, only in this way we will be able to help our imprisoned comrades.

A hug to all and everyone.

Lello, “that in wheelchair”


(translated by anarhija.info)