Genoa [Italy]: Righi telecommunications repeater up in flames (13/03/2018) [en]

We live in a world where being connected is essential if we want to keep up with the times and keep pace with the neurotic rhythm that modern society is offering us.
Human relationships have broken up behind displays, Apps.
Without WhatsApp you risk being excluded from your group of friends… seriously.
At work, in the family, as a couple, we all need to be constantly available: “send your precise position”, “send a selfie “, “listen to this voice message”.

Although we realize that “perhaps” we’re spending a lot of time at home, links are becoming more and more virtual and our first thought as soon as we get in after a day’s work is to turn on the pc, we don’t want to figure out for ourselves that something’s wrong, we’re lying to ourselves.
It’s a well-known fact that technology and its damsels have full control over our lives today, what needs to be analysed is why we’ve accepted it.


Genova [Italia]: Incendiato ripetitore (13/03/2018) [it]

Viviamo in una realtà dove essere connessi è fondamentale se si vuole rimanere al passo coi tempi e vivere al ritmo, nevrastenico, che la società moderna ci offre.
Le relazioni umane si sono sfaldate dietro a dei display, a delle App.

Senza Whatsapp rischi di essere escluso dal tuo gruppo di amici... seriamente.

Al lavoro, in famiglia, nella coppia ci richiediamo a vicenda di essere sempre reperibili: “mandami la posizione di dove ti trovi”, “manda un selfie”, “ascolta questo messaggio vocale”.
Nonostante ci si renda conto che “forse” stiamo uscendo poco da casa, che i legami siano sempre più virtuali e che dopo una giornata di lavoro, il primo pensiero appena tornati a casa sia quello di accendere il pc, non vogliamo dedurre da soli che ci sia qualcosa che non va, mentendo a noi stessi.


Sardinia [Italy]: Sardinian anarchist Davide Deloge ended his hunger strike (29/11/2017) [en]

We learned from Davide that he ended his hunger strike today, 29/11/2017.

During these 25 days of hunger strike Davide went from being 87kg body weight to 72kg.

Over the last few days Davide stayed mostly in bed, he experienced difficulty in movement and vision problems.

This morning, he was summoned by the director of the Augusta prison (Sardinia), Gelardi Antonio, and he was told that the solitary confinement has been revoked. Therefore, he will able to meet other inmates again.

cna [anarchist black cross]

Sardinia [Italy]: Anarchist prisoner Davide Delogu still on hunger strike (23/11/2017) [it]

From Davide’s weekly phone call with his relatives, we learn that:

Davide will continue the long-term hunger strike, started on November 4, until his total solitary confinement, by article 14bis, is revoked.

Our comrade calls on everyone for direct solidarity.

He strengths his closeness to comrades in AS2 [high-security prison sections].

He has repeatedly stressed the need for a revolutionary solidarity.

He is in high spirits, but he has already lost 13 kilos [28 lb].

CNA [croce nera anarchica]

Genoa [Italy]: Incendiary attack (18/11/2017) [en]


There is a lot of anger, and sometimes a little is enough for it to turn into fire.

Anger and fire go together and do not wait for field days to show themselves, they strike rich and poor alike as happened at the Genoa G8 or the Hamburg G20, showing their best face at such times.

Fire and anger just act, they don’t prepare the ground for revolution, they’re not looking for adepts among the masses, they look sadly at a society that has nothing left to ask of its very existence.

Fire and anger: the first an element, the second a feeling, it takes little to get them to wed, just a little courage, then they let out a scream that pierces the cloak of apathy which this dying society is now drenched in and addicted to.


Prison of Augusta — Sardinia [Italy]: Anarchist prisoner Davide Delogu on the 13th day of hunger strike — Break the isolation (17/11/2017) [en]

On November 4th Davide began an indefinite hunger strike as an answer to the prison:

“Against the denial of attending the next hearing in Cagliari on February 14, against the total solitary confinement under article 14bis and its extension for a further THREE months, against its prisons, its cells, against the prison domination.

In solidarity and closeness with comrades arrested and involved in operation Scripta Manent, who will stand trial on November 16th.

Let’s the direct, beautiful, insurgent, flaming action warm our hearts.


Prison of Augusta — Sardinia [Italy]: Updates on Sardinian anarchist Davide Delogu — On hunger strike again (04/11/2017) [en]

“On November 4th Davide began an indefinite hunger strike as an answer to the prison:

Against the denial of attending the next hearing in Cagliari on February 14, against the total solitary confinement under article 14bis and its extension for a further six months, against its prisons, its cells, against the prison domination.

In solidarity and closeness with comrades arrested and involved in operation Scripta Manent, who will stand trial on November 16th.

Let’s the direct, beautiful, insurgent, flaming action warm our hearts.


Sardinia [Italy]: Updates on imprisoned anarchist Davide Delogu (26/10/2017) [en]

The hearing held this morning, 26/10, ended within two minutes, just long enough to say hello to Davide and to exchange a few words. The hearing was postponed until February 14th, the judge ordered that Davide will not attend the next hearing, we still do not know the reasons.

Updates will follow.

Sardinia [Italy]: Updates on imprisoned anarchist comrade Davide Delogu (20/10/2017) [en]

The trial against Davide accused for attempting escape from the prison of Buoncamino (Cagliari — Sardinia) in 2010 is still on.

The next hearing will be held in October 26th, at 9 am in the Court of the Italian State present in Cagliari. Davide will appear at the hearing.

Davide informs us that he received 3 disciplinary reports in the weeks before.

He is subjected to the article 14bis [provision that allows the suspension of certain prison regulations] since the first week of May 2017, and it should end in the first week of November. At the moment, we don’t know if the 14bis will be extended.


Sardegna [Italia]: Aggiornamento sul compagno anarchico Davide Delogu (20/10/2017) [it]

Va avanti il processo che vede Davide accusato di tentata evasione dal carcere di buoncamino (Cagliari) per fatti risalenti al 2010.

La prossima udienza sarà il 26 ottobre alle ore 9 presso il tribunale dell’italia stato presente a Cagliari. Davide presenziera all’udienza.

Davide ci comunica che nelle ultime settimane gli sono stati notificati 3 rapporti disciplinari.

Il 14 bis a cui è sottoposto dalla prima settimana di maggio 2017 dovrebbe terminare la prima settimana di novembre. Attualmente non sappiamo se gli verrà nuovamente rinnovato il 14 bis.


Prison of Augusta — Sardinia [Italy]: Update on anarchist comrade Davide Delogu (10/08/2017) [en]

Sardinian anarchist comrade Davide Delogu, after three months of solitary confinement, started his daily two-hours of yard time today, he can only see prison laborers.
The Article 41-bis [hard prison regime], to which he is subjected, will continue until September.

CNA [Anarchist Black Cross]

(Davide has finally received the requested comrade’s photos, and ended his hunger strike)

Cile: Progetto Nemesi – Attacco esplosivo-incendiario contro la Confederazione nazionale dei proprietari di camion (25/07/2017) [it]

Progetto Nemesi ATTO V
Nella notte di 25 luglio abbiamo attaccato con un ordigno esplosivo/incendiario l’edificio appartenente alla Confederazione Nazionale dei Proprietari di Camion, situato in via Almirante Barroso nel centro di Santiago.
La Confederazione Nazionale dei Proprietari di Camion del Cile rappresenta un anello strutturale nella catena di dominio e sfruttamento, svolgendo una parte attiva nel trasporto merci e nel saccheggio ambientale sul territorio cileno e in Wallmapu. Sono uno dei maggiori beneficiari del progetto IIRSA, che tra suoi obiettivi include anche il “miglioramento” delle infrastrutture stradali per trasporto merci nei paesi del Sud latinoamericano, e in prima linea nella collaborazione con lo Stato cileno nel tentativo di intensificare la repressione e il numero degli sbirri nel territorio Mapuche, e di fermare, senza successo, l’incendio dei camion, parte della sovversione autonoma Mapuche nella difesa del proprio territorio ancestrale.
Il nostro dispositivo ha funzionato perfettamente, danneggiando l’entrata dell’edificio. Anche se non è stato riportato dalla stampa, loro sanno che un attacco ha colpito l’entrata del loro covo, mentre noi sappiamo che la pericolosità dell’attacco anarchico non può essere misurata né dalla copertura mediatica né dai flash della stampa.
Speriamo che

Prison of Augusta — Sardinia [Italy]: Anarchist comrade Davide Delogu on hunger strike (26/07/2017) [en]

Sardinian anarchist comrade Davide Delogu starts today, 26 July, a hunger strike against the solitary confinement, and primarily because they don’t want to give him the photos of Donatello.
He remains with head held high.
He shouts out “Break the isolation!!

Sempre Ainnantis [“always forward” in Sardinian]

Davide Delogu — Contrada Piana Ippolito 1 — 96011 Augusta (SR) — Italy

Sardinian anarchist comrade Donatello Dedoni died on 20 march 2017, falling off the roof of an abandoned plant in the industrial area of Elmas in Sardinia. In a tragic moment the roof caved in and the comrade felt down. Who met Donatello knew how much he was precious as friend and as comrade, always ready to take a challenge with courage and enthusiasm. He paid his inclination to action with several imprisonment, and he always came out with head held high and with no regrets.

Carcere di Augusta [Sardegna]: Compagno anarchico Davide Delogu in sciopero della fame (26/07/2017) [it]

Il compagno anarchico sardo Davide Delogu inizia oggi, 26 luglio 2017, uno sciopero della fame contro l’isolamento e soprattutto perché non gli consegnano le fotografie di Donatello.
Rimane a testa alta.
Rifiuta il ruolo della vittima.
Grida “Rompere l’isolamento!”

Sempre Ainnantis

Davide Delogu – Contrada Piana Ippolito 1 – 96011 Augusta (SR)

Italy: Appeal for solidarity against the punitive isolation of anarchist prisoner Davide Delogu (07/2017) [en]

On July 18, a hearing was held at the Cagliari Court of Appeal for a complaint made by Davide against the conditions that he is being subjected to at the prison of Augusta.
Via the details of the complaint we learned that Davide, who is already subjected to the Article 41-bis prison regime, is undergoing a very extreme torture, he was ‘sentenced’ to six months of punitive isolation.
Complete isolation, in an underground cell, no TV or radio, no contact with other prisoners and without ever seeing the sun. In addition to this his correspondence is subject to censorship. The only people he ever sees are the guards and his lawyer.
Unfortunately we have only just

Italia: Appello alla solidarietà diffusa contro l’isolamento punitivo di Davide (07/2017) [it]

Il 18 Luglio si è svolta un’udienza per un reclamo presso il Tribunale di Sorveglianza di Cagliari fatto da Davide contro le condizioni cui è sottoposto al carcere di Augusta.
Attraverso la descrizione riportata nel reclamo abbiamo scoperto che Davide, già sottoposto al regime 14 bis, sta subendo una pesantissima tortura: è stato “condannato” a sei mesi di isolamento punitivo.
Un isolamento totale, in una cella sotterranea, liscia, senza tv e radio, senza socialità e senza mai vedere il sole. A questo si aggiunge l’applicazione della censura su tutta la corrispondenza. Le uniche persone che incontra sono il suo avvocato e le guardie.
Purtroppo scopriamo solo

Italy- Anarchist prisoner Davide Delogu’s communique concerning his escape attempt (01/05/2017) [en]


The goal: To escape
The result: Escape unsuccessful (which isn’t a failure!)
The reason: The very strong bastard wind!
The project: To redeem myself, widening my subversive gaze of revenge and launch a campaign of acts of self-liberation.

Hunted in each tiny movement, with all the maniacal consequences of control that this implies in everyday life in prison where I spend 21 hours a day in a cell, I waited for the last search on 30th May before acting, and I also made a fool of the jailers during their beating of the bars that day. I spend the hours in the exercise yard between theoretical and practical elaboration, which led me to devise a perfect escape plan, given that limits in the mechanism of control and its sophisticated complexity can be detected, faults that can be traced in all jails, revealing their hidden weaknesses.
In spite of the subjugation they would like to impose on the infallibility they build from totalitarianism and the perfectioning of the prison system, the fact is that there are always spaces for action. A space in the prison that I occupied and liberated from the moment the action began.

That day there was a strong wind and the choice of 1st May had been dictated by a real tactical calculation, due to the significant shortage of staff following which the guard in charge of monitoring the cameras in the yard was also in charge of opening and closing the entrance to the yard.
Then we made it coincide with this day of struggle, and let’s reinvigorate the daily habit of anarchist direct actions, which unfortunately are at a very low ebb… so eluding the guard’s visual control in the yard, I climb on to the roof like a monkey ready for anything, and run like lightening the length of the building until I arrive at a point from where I jump down 4 metres, then I go towards the window of the cell where I was held to

Italy – Call for a solidarity presence at the preliminary hearing for operation “Scripta Manent” (05/06/2017) [en]


A preliminary hearing for the trial in operation “Scripta Manent” will be held on 5th June 2017 in Turin; the hearing is to decide on various charges, including ‘creation and participation in a subversive association’, several explosive attacks on carabinieri, politicians, journalists and companies involved in the construction of prisons and migrants’ detention centres – all claimed by the Informal Anarchist Federation , as well as instigation to commit a crime and attempting to defend criminal acts following pieces published in Croce Nera Anarchica. There are 15 people on trial, 7 of whom are locked up in AS2 sections in the prisons of Ferrara, Alessandria and Rebibbia. The imprisoned comrades are subjected to constant harassment and further restrictions in the communication between one another and with the outside. In spite of this, they are continuing the struggle against the system of domination and keeping up conflictuality through acts of revolt and contributions to the debate between anarchists and the enemy in authority.

In particular:
-In January 2015, 7 anarchists held in the AS2 unit of Ferrara, following noisy protests and strong confrontations with the guards, were given 15 days’ solitary confinement each in turn.
-In August 2016 anarchist Alfredo Cospito smashed the partition glass between the visiting room and the guards’ room in solidarity with the imprisoned members of the Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire; for this reason he’s soon to get 15 days’ solitary confinement.
-In the days following operation “Scripta Manent”, anarchists Anna Beniamino and Alfredo Cospito went on hunger strike to put an end to isolation and the prohibition for those arrested to see each other.
-In September and October 2016, anarchist Marco Bisesti refused to be subjected to a tuberculosis test on his arrival in the prison, following which he spent a long time in the basement of the Rebibbia prison.
-In November 2016, anarchist Alessandro Mercogliano refused to comply with the identification procedure (photos and fingerprinting) in the prison of Ferrara; he’s just finished serving 15 days in solitary confinement.
-In December 2016, anarchist Marco Bisesti damaged the windows of the screws’ office in the AS2 unit of Ferrara, where he’s being held. Not satisfied, as soon as he was in the cell he destroyed the opaque panels installed on the air vents. He too got 7 days in solitary confinement.
-From 3rd to 13th May 2017, anarchist Alfredo Cospito was on hunger strike against censorship, which had become more pressing after the end of the investigation; as a result, practically all incoming and outgoing letters are blocked

Similarly, other comrades held hostages by the State are paying for

Prison of Ferrara [Italy]: Words of anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito for the Sardinian anarchist Davide Delogu (23/05/2017) [en]

Due to the continuous blocking of incoming and outgoing correspondence and consequently given an unsent text of solidarity, the anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito lets us know that he expresses unconditional solidarity to the Sardinian anarchist comrade Davide Delogu, that he supports his choices of struggle, as well as the communique written by him.

Italy: About the struggle of comrade Davide Delogu, Sardinian anarchist prisoner of the Italian State [en]

A few days ago we published on the website of Croce Nera Anarchica news about the attempted prison escape carried out by Sardinian anarchist comrade Davide Delogu, which ended with the machine-guns of the guards pointed to his face. We learned about this news from the phone call that Davide is making weekly with his family.
Davide informs us that he is in total isolation from May 1st and, that the article 14bis will be re-applied against him (six months of constant isolation with censorship imposed on his entire correspondence).
This escape attempt — Davide explains in a personal letter to me, with a document attached — is a Direct Action, part of the campaign for self-liberation, which he decided to launch with the act of May 1st.
Unconditional support to all anarchist comrades who, without regards, fight with dignity.
Support to the hunger strike of imprisoned anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito.
Support to the anarchist revolutionary choices of Sardinian anarchist comrade Davide Delogu.
Complicity and affinity with anarchist comrades, editors of the anarchist journal Vetriolo, who expressed their solidarity to Alfredo Cospito a few days ago.
Sempri pro s’anarchia! Sempri Ainnantis! [in Sardinian: Always for anarchy! Always Forward]

Omar Nioi, Sardinian anarchist, editor of C.N.A. [Anarchist Black Cross]
May 12th, 2017


Prison and Brucoli [district of Augusta, Sardinia], April 25th 2017
Loose Cannon (... Maybe...)
We are anarchists in prison, some for years, some less, and we daily fight the war against domination, face-to-face with the enemy, inside their cages. We share the refusal and the disdain, clashing with the prison authority and its bareaucratic [play on words with bars and bureaucratic] discipline every day.
Therefore, we are cannons that are not loose (for now...), whose explosions, as the recent and the past acts teach, create disruption, material damage and the shattering of prison logic (that, as anarchist, has already been destroyed!). Sending certainly a vital stimulus of action inside a complex desolate swamp, to live your own anarchy, right here, right now, immediately!
Continuing to live like a cannon that is not loose (... maybe...) , I open with the acts a campaign (for those who want to accept it, otherwise I will do it alone, like I always did) of self-liberation, that will

Italia: Sulla lotta del compagno Davide Delogu, anarchico sardo prigioniero dell’Italia Stato [it]

É di pochi giorni fa la notizia da noi pubblicata sul sito di Croce Nera Anarchica, del tentativo di evasione messo in atto dal compagno anarchico sardo Davide Delogu, conclusosi con i mitra delle guardie puntati sulla sua faccia. Abbiamo appreso la notizia dalla telefonata che Davide svolge settimanalmente con la sua famiglia.
Davide ci comunica che si trova in isolamento totale dal primo maggio, e che gli verrà applicato nuovamente il 14bis (sei mesi di isolamento costante con l’applicazione della censura su tutta la corrispondenza).
Questo tentativo di evasione, spiega Davide in una lettera personale nei miei confronti a cui ha allegato anche un documento, è una Azione Diretta parte della campagna per l’autoliberazione che ha deciso di lanciare con i fatti il primo maggio.
Supporto incondizionato a tutti i compagni anarchici e le compagne anarchiche, che senza riguardo, si battono dignitosamente.
Supporto allo sciopero della fame del compagno anarchico prigioniero Alfredo Cospito.
Supporto alle scelte anarchiche rivoluzionarie del compagno anarchico sardo Davide Delogu.
Complicità e affinità con i compagni anarchici della redazione del giornale anarchico Vetriolo, che pochi giorni addietro si sono espressi in solidarietà ad Alfredo Cospito.
Sempri pro s’anarkia! Sempri Ainnantis!

Omar Nioi anarchico sardo – r. di C.N.A.


Presoni e Brucoli, 25 Aprile 2017

Siamo Anarchici in galera, chi da anni, chi da meno, e combattiamo quotidianamente la guerra contro la dominazione, faccia a faccia col nemico, dentro le loro gabbie. Conviviamo il rifiuto e il disprezzo, scontrandoci con l’autorità carceraria e il suo disciplinamento sbarrocratico ogni giorno.
Siamo perciò mine che non vagano (per ora...), le cui deflagrazioni, come i fatti recenti e passati insegnano, creano scompiglio, danni materiali e la frantumazione della logica carceraria (che in quanto anarchici è già stata demolita!). Trasmettendo certamente importanti stimoli vitali d’azione all’interno di una complessa palude desolante, per viversi la propria anarchia, qui, ora, subito!
Nel mio continuare a viverla come