There is a lot of anger, and sometimes a little is enough for it to turn into fire.

Anger and fire go together and do not wait for field days to show themselves, they strike rich and poor alike as happened at the Genoa G8 or the Hamburg G20, showing their best face at such times.

Fire and anger just act, they don’t prepare the ground for revolution, they’re not looking for adepts among the masses, they look sadly at a society that has nothing left to ask of its very existence.

Fire and anger: the first an element, the second a feeling, it takes little to get them to wed, just a little courage, then they let out a scream that pierces the cloak of apathy which this dying society is now drenched in and addicted to.

Screams of revenge for the tens of thousands of migrants who die trying to cross the borders scattered all over the world.

Screams at the devastation and looting by States and multinationals in the name of progress.

Screams that warm the hearts of our anarchist sisters and brothers all over the world.

Catastrophes are the days that nothing is done against the brutality of governments!

For the anarchist comrades, prisoners of Op. Scripta Manent, for anarchist prisoner on hunger strike David Delogu, for the comrades of Florence, some cars have been destroyed by fire, including one belonging to the Italian Consular Service.


(translated by act for freedom now