Italy: Update on Op. “Scripta Manent”, and few comments (03/07/2017) [en]

The preliminary hearing for the “Scripta Manent” investigation will be held on 11 and 17/18/19/20 of July. I would like to point out that from 3. June five other comrades of Croce Nera Anarchica, myself, the undersigned of RadioAzione, and the comrade who runs RadioAzione [Croatia] (at the hearing of June 26th it has been decided that she will be tried separately, but still with the same charges), have been added to the comrades already arrested and under investigation.
Looking into the documents relating to the investigation, we have learned that the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Naples had opened in 2012 an investigation against me, against an old comrade accused also in the Marini inquiry, and other comrades from Lazio [Italian region] on the subject of Informal Anarchist Federation.
For five years we have been subjected to a total control, which has resulted in including other comrades in the investigation, including the Croatian comrade of RadioAzione.
Key-logger installed on computer, wiretapping, tailing even for 600 kilometers... Kind of “if I forgot where I put something, I can ask Agent Elena (the name they gave to the key-logger)”.
After five years of fictive control, on 10. January the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Naples demanded an arrest for me, the comrade of RadioAzione[Croatia] and two other Greek comrades (one of which is already imprisoned for C.C.F.).
From that moment on, everything has been taken over by

Italy: Activities of CNA blog suspended (22/06/2017) [en]

The blog of Croce Nera suspends (temporary?) its activity in view of the need for a confrontation between editors.
Updates will follow.

Italy: New temporary account “Anarchist Black Cross Solidarity Fund” (08/06/2017) [en]

This is the new temporary account of “Cassa Croce Nera Anarchica” [anarchist black cross fund] for those who want transfer some money.
The old one doesn’t exist anymore.

New account details:
Number of the card (Bancoposta): 5354764384194207
Addressed to: OMAR NIOI

Italy: Update on the 2nd part of Op. “Scripta Manent” (06/06/2017) [en]


On 2 June 2017, the DIGOS [politica police], by order of the Turin Prosecutor’s Office puppet, Roberto M. Sparagna, has launched the notifications against me and against six other anarchist comrades of mine, concerning a new inquiry.
Shortly, it’s about the closing of investigations of a further inquiry parallel to the one named “Scripta Manent”, focusing its attentions on anarchist web-sites RadioAzione, and Croce Nera Anarchica.

Regarding Croce Nera Anarchica, the paper journal is also targeted, its printing and its distribution, some of its particular texts, and who organized its presentations in Italy.
The charges are for everyone: 270bis (subversive association with purposes of terrorism) in conjunction with the anarchist comrades under investigation in the first part of the OP. Scripta Manent for the same things, and 414 of penal code (criminal solicitation, always with purposes of terrorism), clandestine press, translations of texts, preparation, incitement, defending of criminal acts, conception and spreading through the web-sites and journals of ideological “insurrectionist-armed struggle” propaganda, money rising to support the imprisoned comrades. Furthermore, two of us are charged under the article 280 (attack with purposes of terrorism) for the attack against the courthouse of Civitavecchia, on 12 January 2016 signed by “Pyrotechnical committee for an extraordinary year F.A.I.-F.R.I.”.
In addition, on June 5th, during the preliminary hearing for OP. “Scripta Manent”, the miserable Sparagna has requested that the two lines of inquiry be merged, producing

Italy: About the investigations against RadioAzione, and Croce Nera Anarchica [en]

Yesterday, June 2nd, the DIGOS [political police] knocked on the doors of my house and of six other comrades’ to notify us of the closure of preliminary inquiries for a further investigation by the Public prosecutor of Turin and the prosecutor Roberto Sparagna [in charge of Scripta Manent], parallel to the investigation called “Scripta manent”, focusing on the anarchist web-sites of counter-information RadioAzione, and Croce Nera Anarchica.

Concerning Croce Nera Anarchica, the paper journal is also targeted, as well as its distribution and who organized the presentation of the same journal in Italy.
The articles in question are: 270bis (subversive association with the purposes of terrorism) and 414 (criminal solicitation). A further article, 280 (attack with the purposes of terrorism), is referring to two of the comrades.
Translation of texts, predisposition, solicitation, defending of criminal acts, conception and dissemination through the web-sites and journals of ideological “insurrectionist-armed struggle” propaganda, money raising to support the imprisoned comrades, and the attack against a substation of Enel [manufacturer and distributor of electricity and gas] in Civitavecchia, January 12th, 2016, signed by “Pyrotechnical committee for an extraordinary year F.A.I.-F.R.I.”.
This is the human misery produced by

Italy: Scripta Manent — 7 other anarchists charged for subversive association (02/06/2017) [en]

On Friday morning, June 2nd, the DIGOS [political police] notified the closing of investigations for crimes 270bis (subversive association) and 414 (criminal solicitation) to 7 anarchist, 4 of them are editors of Croce Nera Anarchica and other 2 of RadioAzione and websites, with “aggravating” for terrorist purposes. For 2 of them is added the article 280 (attack with terrorist purpose), regarding an explosive attack signed by FAI/FRI against the courthouse of Civitavecchia.
The notification was not combined with a search and those involved were not arrested.
It seems, from the documents, that these wave of charges, made by the same prosecutor Roberto Maria Sparagna, are an extension of operation Scripta Manent, for which will be held the preliminary hearing at Monday, June 5th.
Updates will follow.

Italy: “For a Dangerous June” (05/05/2017) [en]

A text that sums up the ideas expressed during the meetings ‘With our heads held high’

State repression is the most important part of the system of dominion and one of its most disgraceful expressions; it doesn’t surprise us that those who are struck most are historically those who don’t let themselves be recuperated by the system of power, i.e. anarchist, revolutionary and rebel individualities.
The latter respond to the physical, psychological, moral, social and economic repression unleashed by all the components of democratic power and to the brutal indiscriminate violence of its armed hands and the judiciary. This they do with direct action aimed at those responsible for repression, with the creative and liberating destruction of the places of dominion and the sabotage of its infrastructures, so as to put an end, or at least hamper, the causes of exploitation and oppression by human beings on other human beings, the earth and animals.
In the view of total liberation, to passively watch the reproduction of dominion means to be accomplices, so there are those who continue to hold their heads high and rebel.
As a consequence power puts all its strategies into action, and the trials and proceedings against comrades for actions, episodes of conflictuality and writings still continue. Next month there will be the cassation trial concerning so-called operation Shadow, where a number of comrades are accused, among other things, of instigation to commit a crime following the publication of the paper KNO3.
These judicial proceedings are an expression of the war that the authorities are waging on the bond between thought and action, which is the foundation of anarchism’s dangerousness. Beyond individual and specific struggles, this police operation aims at striking the cardinal concepts of antiauthoritarian ideas and methods such as direct action, refusal of delegating and solidarity.
Starting from these reflexions, during the meetings that developed after the arrests of operation Scripta Manent, rather than dwell on the strategies of repression, we felt it necessary to not reduce solidarity to the technical support of those who are in prison, but to widen the spectrum of our analysis.
In this respect, we discussed how solidarity is

Prison of Latina [Italy] – A letter from anarchist comrade Anna Beniamino [en]


The prosecution in Turin have decided to put an entire anarchist tendency on trial: anti-organisation Anarchism. This isn’t a sensationalist and defensive overstatement, it’s what Turin’s investigating judge, Anna Ricci, enacted with the arrest warrants issued in July 2016, and enforced in September, probably to avoid disrupting the summer holidays of some pubic official.
The inquisitors’ choice is clear from the ridiculous framework that appeared in the arrest warrant papers, a product of the deleterious encounter between the mind of some cop and the rushed reading of a wikipedia summary. The framework gives shape to a repressive-Manichean vision of a ‘social anarchy’, a good and harmless one, and an (anti-social and anti-classist) ‘individual anarchy’, violent and palatable to repression, whose method is the ‘anti-organization model’.
By making the necessary distinctions, this framework aims to define a specific camp, to create a cage, so that from a generic ‘insurrectionism’, (a sub-product of the anti-organization model), always violent and liable to punishment to varying degrees, sub-species can be pulled out to form different strands of the investigation[1] for Italian cops: ‘classic insurrectionism’, ‘social insurrectionism’, ‘eco insurrectionism’ and the ‘informal anarchist federation’.
That different tensions and tendencies exist within Anarchism is a fact, but it’s also true that this type of rigid categorisation is an inherent feature of the mindset and requirements of the inquisitors, who are set on delineating a specific area in order to make their manoeuvres as best they can: it is within this space that the following operation lies.
Historically, solidarity with revolutionary prisoners has been a focal point of interest for anarchists and a way to come together and build a rebellious sensibility: revolutionary solidarity not solidarity with revolutionaries.
Devised by Turin’s Digos and prosecutors back in 2012, in the wake of 20 years of recurring and failed repressive attempts, operation Scripta Manent led to the arrest of

Italy: The latest paper issue of the a-periodical “Croce Nera Anarchica” no.3 [en]

To anyone who wants copies for themselves, archives or distribution, the latest paper issue of the a-periodical “Croce Nera Anarchica” no.3 is still available.
For info and copies write to: croceneranarchica (at)
(You can download the PDF in the download section or directly from this link )
The post address has changed as follows:
C.P. 104


We want to point out that the anarchist prisoners’ fund needs money. The fund is for all anarchist prisoners, so the money raised is used in this way:
- Sent to the comrades in prison every 15 days
- Used for legal expenses and experts’ reports
- If visiting relatives or comrades need it, their journeys are paid for, given that visits are essential.
- The money is also used for info material (news, updates, destructive actions, communiques, etc.), which is sent to the prisoners every 15 days so that they can keep up to date on what is happening outside.
- It is also used also for telegrams in case of urgent communication such as transfers, reports, disciplinary sanctions, etc.
Anyone who wants to know details about the destination of the money sent to the fund can write to us and specify it.
Account name OMAR NIOI
Postepay card number 4023600919342891

Croce Nera Anarchica

(translated by act for freedom now!)

Italy: Anarchist Black Cross — Document read out during the meeting in Turin (21/01/2017) [en]

As happens any time that power tries to block the path of the revolt that creeps like weeds, opening up cracks and disconnecting the straight secure roads of exploitation and oppression, it is necessary for those who still care about the life pulsating in those weeds to look each other in the eye.
Following the operation denominated ‘Scripta Manent’ we, some anarchists, decided to do a number of meetings. Those held in Pisa and Rome have produced various problematics. But obviously, happening in a context of ‘emergency’, i.e. in response to the arrest of eight anarchist comrades, it was difficult to find the space to go into them. Not for that should we lose the opportunity to find this space and create moments for deeper analysis.
The last phrase of the text calling for this series of meetings that started from Pisa read: ‘We believe that those who see the responsibility to claim the anarchist idea, its tensions and practices as their own need to meet up and discuss.’ Let’s ask ourselves a question: why do we consider this responsibility ours at the present time?
Our answer is clear. These past years in particular have been strongly characterised by a progressive shallowness that in time has led to victimization, dissociation, silence in regard to the latter, specific divisions between good boys and bad anarchists, etc. etc.
So, today more than ever, we think it is fundamental to firmly take our responsibilities as individuals who do not submit to resignation, expressing our will to re-establish what the anarchist struggle is.
Among the many things, remaining shoulder to shoulder with our comrades also means collectively taking on everything that they are charged with as part of our own struggle/life.
That’s why we are convinced that occasions such as this encounter and the previous ones, where, as anarchists, we talk to prepare an event but also look beyond the cycle of repressive operations, should be supported and promoted.
The trajectory that the State wants to put on trial by holding Marco, Danilo, Anna, Valentina, Sandro, Alfredo, Daniele and Nicola hostages is our own. We therefore call for a proud presence at the trial, always knowing that the struggle, the real one, the living one, is carried out at other levels.
We think that solidarity is a word that has been abused and now even causes confusion; what we have at heart is to continue to do what we’ve done in the past and create the occasion to carry on in the future. Free from any sense of devotion, let’s get rid of the logic of having to do solidarity; we don’t think that there is anything particular about staying close to comrades who are temporarily held in a phase that one consciously risks by living anarchy, and we are sure that any well-delivered blow creates a crack in the walls that dominion erects to keep us down inside and outside its cages.

Croce Nera Anarchica

(translated by Act For Freedom Now!

Regina Coeli Prison – Rome [Italy]: Daniele’s communique (20-09-2016) [en]

„Between these four increasingly narrow walls
I cultivate my hatred towards the system.

If you are anarchist accept the idea, if you have not done so already, that you could end up in prison sooner or later, and there are different paths that can lead you in.
If you are anarchist, in the first place, you have to be careful what you keep in house: the common things, more or less usual, in the cops’ expertise become components of devices or explosives; a story we have seen recently, by the way, in Bologna too, with a comrade ended up in AS of Ferrara prison. Even books, pamphlets and texts, the so-called „paper documents”, become evidences of affiliation with the terrorist organizations.
And then, there are the classic crimes of association, usually the 270bis, that allow the cops to put you in prison without even bothering to provide „concrete” elements.
Basically, the paths are many, but the reason is only one: be irreducibly aligned against the power.
If I’m saying this things it is certainly not to complain about the unfairness of the democratic justice, but to point out how easily an anarchist be incarcerated, despite of his prudence. The awareness of this risk should not frighten us, just help us to be ready.
So, „Scripta Manent” comes, certainly, as no surprise, it is a repressive attack on which the only one doubt was about „when”, but not for sure „if”. An attack of democratic regime against those who, inside it, still refuses to submit to the values and to the morality of dominion, placing himself not in a conciliatory perspective of dialogue and compromise, but in the open conflict with the power. „The State is not thinkable without lordship and servitude. For the State it is indispensable that nobody have an own will; if one had, the State would have to exclude this one; if all had, they would do away with the State.”
After all, if you end up in prison or not, it is a part of the anarchist path anyway. Because it is a spectre that hangs over your head, because it took friends or the loved ones, or just because it is the foundation of this society we hate („repression is civilization”).
But the constant threat of prison is not enough to suffocate the rage we feel in front of thousands of killed and tortured animals every day, in front of entire ecosystems wiped out by the voracity of technological society, in front of million of individuals forced to alienation in their workplaces or in the infamous prisons or in the concentration camps for migrants, in front of people killed by hunger and wars.
And how could you bow your head resigned in front of the continuous interference of the State in our lives?
This society in which, like in a shopping mall, everything has its price, everything can be bought and sold, if you have money to do it, this society based on profit at any cost will have always an extreme enemy, who is not willing to trade his life and his dignity at any price. The money is the only engine of this system of death and misery. The State legitimate the money, the police protect it, the newspapers give voice to its lies. The anarchists refuse it and attack it.
Solidarity with the arrested, suspected and searched in the operation „Scripta Manent”.
Solidarity with those who in this world pay the price for opposing this system of domination.
With those who under a grey sky choose to provoke storm.
For a world build on the ruins of this.

Charges on charges, sentences on sentences,
but what matters is the moment of capitulation.


(translated by

Croce Nera Anarchica
“Operation Scripta Manent” [en]

For the moment we, the editors of Croce Nera Anarchica [Anarchist Black Cross], will wait to write about this new operation.

We remind you that the fund-raise for the comrades in prison is active.
To send solidarity contribution
PostePay Card number: 4023 6009 1934 2891
Account name: Omar Nioi

Regarding the addresses, at the moment we know that the comrades are in the following prisons:
Comrades arrested in this operation:
BISESTI MARCO: C.R. REBIBBIA via Bartolo Longo n. 72 – 00156 ROMA
BENIAMINO ANNA: C.C. CIVITAVECCHIA via Aurelia nord km 79,500 n. snc 00053
SPEZIALE VALENTINA: C.C. via Ettore Ianni n.30 – 66100 CHIETI

Daniele, the comrade editor of CROCE NERA ANARCHICA, was arrested with another procedure, accused of possessing materials to manufacture explosive devices, following the discovery of some batteries and a handbook for electricians in his home.
DANIELE C.C. regina coeli Via della lungara n29 – 00165 roma


Omar Nioi-CNA


(translated by

Text by Lello (about the operation “Scripta Manent”) [en]

last night [06/09] the repression arrested six “free” comrades e two already imprisoned, and invaded the homes of 33 comrades.
This wave of repression struck an aerea of anarchist movement... the area has not representatives and has not mouthpieces, so each one expresses himself according to his consciousness and is responsible for his own words.
The repression, as always, wants to scare and intimidate, wants to force us to stop or to take a step back. We thank everyone who has expressed solidarity... the solidarity of comrades is always useful and precious.
For our part, we invite the comrades to express their solidarity in the only way that we consider effective.
Comrades, brothers and sisters, we must not allow repression to achieve its goal. We all must make efforts to multiply our forces to make our struggle against every form of power more sharper, efficient and destructive... Of course, each one will follow his own consciousness e will do what he considers appropriate.
Respond to repression means move forwards, only in this way we will be able to help our imprisoned comrades.

A hug to all and everyone.

Lello, “that in wheelchair”</em>

(translated by