Italy : A few clarifications concerning a Key-logger installed in my computer [en]

Recently, as I was reading the report on the hearings of the trial that we are facing following the Turin investigation “Scripta Manent”, staged by prosecutor Roberto Sparagna, I noticed an explanation regarding the keylogger (or Agent Elena, as the miserable Naples ROS called it).

A text that appears in some sites says that a keylogger was allegedly used to intercept off-line comments during RadioAzione live recordings. That would be nice, but unfortunately the reality is different.

The keylogger was a proper bug, sent to my PC via internet through a virus, and it was capable of intercepting everything around my computer. It was sufficient for the computer to be connected to the internet and the miserable ones were able to hear all audio nearby (no video because the webcam has always been blocked out).
So, because I have my PC in my bedroom they listened not only to radio off-line comments but even more… everything in fact!
Moreover it was used to create screenshot sequences of my desktop while I was writing texts or translating those of other comrades, which were subsequently published in the RadioAzione website. All this for six years in a row, in spite of the fact that I formatted my PC on a number of occasions.


Direct Action! The Chatter Is To Zero Reflections #13 [en]

It is typical to hear the usual whimpers from the first moments after an attack of repression carried out by the State and by those who protect it, such as the magistrates that accuse, investigate and arrest those who could be “harmful” to health of the State itself.
It is always the same old song, singed, stopped and singed again.
There are those who feel the need to distance themselves immediately from those hit by repression, and usually this attitude belongs to those people that magistrates probably do not even know (or as the saying goes “nobody gives a shit about them ...”) because their greatest effort is the punctual dissociation. Like any other “citizen” loyal to the State, this scum who calls itself “anarchist” believes the newspapers, the prosecutors and the cops who build frameworks, create scenarios and indicate the perpetrators of “evil”, and this scum immediately feels the “need” to point out what “anarchy” means, adding some dots on the letters “i”. However, there are also those who have the same attitude but they do not even bother to write something, to have a sleazy and dirty way out in every moment, through the slanders behind the back, tittle-tattle.
There are those who write some lines of tears recalling witch hunts and fabrications, there are those who write in solidarity and complicity tone and then disappear two seconds after sending “telegram of condolences”, there are those who use strong terms… and then?
“Solidarity” does not mean “condolences”, as we always say it is not a written word.
Solidarity means, when you open your eyes in the morning and think that in your everyday life you miss something, you miss a piece, you miss some friends, brothers and sisters, and above all comrades. And you miss them, not because they are far away, but because an asshole without a job decides overnight to be on “the State payroll” and locks up them in the next-generation camps.
Solidarity means to think about imprisoned comrades every day and to get them what they need, supports, letters, stamps, benefit events for economic support in prison and for defense costs, to break the isolation that the walls of reinforced concrete, bars, armored and guard dogs are trying to impose on them every single day.
Solidarity means this and much more...
Disappear after sending a telegram, write few lines just to clear a bad conscience and then disappear, these are acts of Christian charity; it is like say a prayer for the sick person or put some coins in the collection basket.
These words of mine are not directed to any movement (which does not move), any group or “sect”, but to every individual who

A Plague Upon You! Reflections #12 [en]

“When she got infected she ran to her brother
when he got infected he ran to his dad
the plague gradually spread within the neighborhood
causing the invasion of the city”.
(from the song “1660 Peste ti colga”)

In the next lines, with my inelegant and crude, but definitely honest way, I will try to explain my point of view on some issues which are for me fundamental ways of being an anarchist.
Some of these aspects have already been discussed in the various and past “reflections #” on this site.
The reason why I returned to certain issues arose from reading the pamphlet of Gerasimos Tsakalos, translated in Italian and published recently by the comrade of
This long document of the Greek comrade indicates how projects, abbreviations, and acronyms sometimes are embraced without understand well what you are approaching to; even worse is the denaturalization of those projects-initials-acronyms that you are embracing ...
Let me give an example. One day I decided to went on the attack tangibly against the system and I signed a document/claim “Cell X”, created in the moment by one who carries out the action, myself or with other individuals, and accompanied by an acronym “Y” which is a project of other comrades who have launched a propaganda of attack through a document that explains what they are, what they want and what they mean with their project.
If I decide to sign with the acronym of the project too, it means that I consider its basis as mine, otherwise it would be better to avoid the combination of the two signatures. Even more, if I have ideas, or visions, completely different from that project I will not denaturalize it with my reflections.
For example, if that project talk about “affinity groups” that are born and die at the moment when the action has achieved its purpose, I won’t name, with other individuals who operate with me, a “cell” always with the same name, even when the individuals are always the same. Because, in case of repeated signature I would risk to create, with the other individuals, only doubts and chaos in the minds of persons who read a document or claim.
Let’s not kid ourselves, and be honest with ourselves, always sign with the same acronym implies in the “not free” minds of many comrades creation of schemes and organizations, which don’t have anything in common with affinity groups; it leads you to think that behind any attack with that sign there are always the same individuals.
I don’t criticize the use of “the repetitive acronym” at all, because I think

It Comes As No Surprise Operation "Scripta Manent" [en]

As I had already written in a statement a few days ago about the operation "Scripta Manent" ["written words remain"], 32 comrades across the Italy were awakened by the dogs in uniforms at dawn of September 6.
The result of this new operation, ordered by Turin Prosecutor's Office trough its inquisitor Roberto M. Sparagna, is 7 arrested and 15 under investigation.
The eight comrade, editor of Croce Nera [Anarchist Black Cross], Daniele was arrested following the search when are found the batteries and a handbook for electrician.

Apart from Alfredo and Nicola, already in Ferrara's prison for the wounding of Roberto Adinolfi, the other arrested comrades are Alessandro, Marco, Danilo, Valentina and Anna.
The articles 270bis [association for purposes of terrorism], 280 bis [attacks for terrorist or subversive purposes] and 285 [threatening to commit a terrorist crime] are the sum of the alleged offences which started as far back as 2003 and are related to a series of attacks signed by "FAI-Federazione Anarchica Informale", through the cells "“Narodnaja Volja”, “Cooperativa Artigiana Fuoco e Affini (occasionalmente spettacolare)” [Fire and Similar Craftwork Cooperative, occasionally spectacular], “FAI/RAT (Rivolta Anonima e Tremenda)” [Anonymous and Terrible Revolt], and the cell "Olga". The comrades Alfredo and Nicola have assumed the responsibility for their participation in this cell and for the wounding of Adinolfi.
So, another investigation of Informal Anarchist Organization, another attempt to fishing in troubled waters just to ensure the salary which is going to fatten another Savonarola and his family in period between the investigation and the trial.

Am I surprised by just another operation?
Not at all!
If I swim in the ocean voluntary, I know very well that I will meet the sharks sooner or later.
But, these sharks can be sure they can't scare me in my accrossing...
Prosecutions, searches, investigations, prisons and trials don't touch me at all. On the contrary, the more I feel you on my back the more I feel the rage...
They will never make me take a step back, and they will never make me change my mind that, from the moment I came into this world against my will, I will do my best to live better in it...
They will never make me change my idea that the direct action is the only weapon to destroy this miserable and opulent existent.

Therefore, I am not a "poor comrade" who has suffered harassment from cops and a judge, because since I realized that I madly love my ideas, I took everything into consideration, with no exceptions.

A small example can be this temporarily reopening of the RadioAzione website which I shut down more than a year ago, and now it will try to update the comrades exclusively on this operation, publishing communiques, solidarity acts and updates on arrested comrades.
It will not be published anything else, and the reasons are the same which led me to shut down the web site in August 2015.
I hope that the non-Italian comrades won't hold it against me, I have many doubts even today about things that I don't know well and I didn't knew well in the past.

It is not a coincidence that I will update only on operation "Scripta Manent".
In this operation are involved the very few comrades, brothers and sisters, the ones I always felt very close in these last twenty years, and with someone of them even more.
Alessandro, Marco, Danilo, Valentina, Anna, Alfredo, Nicola, and Daniele too, will be everyday on my mind until the day I will see them out of the concentration camp of the State.
They will walk with me, in my thoughts, outside the prison walls, bars and special sections.
They will walk with me, in my thoughts, along the dark path which lead to anarchy.

In the end, the national press are reaffirming the same role of inquisitors and jackals, following very carefully a series of anarchist websites to transcript on their toilet paper excerpts of our reflections, accompanying them with their Lombroso-reminiscence analyses.
Especially the center-left press, like good little ships and the voice of the master, in order to hide the fact that the money for the earthquake, and for the previous one, will never be allocated (it will be used for restructuring the bank of the minister Boschi's father), it splash the anarchists and their solidarity communiques across the front page, hoping for comments of idiotic and conservative zombie mass who lives in the suburbs of the net.
But, don't worry, because in our thoughts are also you, journo hacks and jackals.
As every empire that should be destroyed, it begins with destroying the army to reach the kings and the queens.
If the "written words remains", be sure that despite the arrests and searches our ideas will survive too, until the day we will see them realized... but in that world will not be place for you.

For anarchy, for direct action.

Me, myself and I
Naples, 11 Semptember 2016

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September Carrion — Operation “Scripta Manent” [en]

At about 5.00 this morning, September 6, almost like an anniversay or the tax on garbage due, a pack of guard dogs materialized outside my doors.
They were not begging for kibble, cookies or bones, but for weapons, explosives, claims, “Croce Nera Anarchica” [the magazine of Italian ABC], “Pagine in Rivolta” e “KNO3” [anarchists magazines]... With the arrogance typical of watchdogs, they pushed into the house and started rummaging, not before having delivered me the formal invitation signed, not by me of course, but by certain Roberto M. Sparagna, who works as inquisitor on behalf of the Turin Prosecutor.

A part from a few “Cobra” firecrackers and a smoke bomb, they did not find anything else “dangerous”, and gave vent their hunger on the newspapers, pamphlets and posters, especially from Greek and Mexico, the above Italian anarchist publications and others, posters with the FAI/FRI symbols as well as a good amount of correspondence even from decades ago.
After turning my romm upside dow and visiting those of my flatmates, they asked me to accompany them to the police station to list the total of their raid and receive a receipt of confiscation.

Once again, with Septembrian surgical precision, they have unleashed raids and issued notifications; but above all some comrades have been kidnapped, 8 to be precise...
This time, in order to gain a place on the State’s payroll for a few years, the prosecutor RM Sparagna had to fish in troubled waters, going back to events happened since 2003 (I wonder if the next inquisitor will accuse us and arrest us for the “Matese uprisings” ore the “Revolt of Piombino” [XIX sentury]...).
Those that the “wig” on duty is turning to and has summed under “270bis” [anti-terrorist law] are attacks carried out from 2003 onwards with the signature FAI/FRI, not knowing that back in 2004 somone from Rome had tried with “Operation Cervantes” and a couple of years later with the operation against the comrades of the then Croce Nera Anarchica [Anarchist Black Cross].
The arrest of our comrades will not succede in making us retreat, so arm yourself with “holy and inquisitorial” patience because you will have to wake up us at down for a long time... if you will find us still in our beds...

Alfredo, Nicola, Anna, Marco, Alessandro, Daniele, Danilo and Valentina will not be left alone even for a second.
Our thoughts will be with them every moment of their sequestered life, in their every breath, in each one of our steps along the paths of the dark forests.

Me, myself and I
Naples, 6 September 2016.

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