Spoleto [Italy]: Damage for anarchist prisoner comrade Alfredo Cospito, against the censorship (06/05/2017) [en]

On the night between May 5th and 6th a text was sprayed on Courthouse “Freedom for Cospito and Gai” and “Break the isolation”.
Damaged the nearby Post Office ATM.
Break the isolation

Prison of Latina [Italy] – A letter from anarchist comrade Anna Beniamino [en]


The prosecution in Turin have decided to put an entire anarchist tendency on trial: anti-organisation Anarchism. This isn’t a sensationalist and defensive overstatement, it’s what Turin’s investigating judge, Anna Ricci, enacted with the arrest warrants issued in July 2016, and enforced in September, probably to avoid disrupting the summer holidays of some pubic official.
The inquisitors’ choice is clear from the ridiculous framework that appeared in the arrest warrant papers, a product of the deleterious encounter between the mind of some cop and the rushed reading of a wikipedia summary. The framework gives shape to a repressive-Manichean vision of a ‘social anarchy’, a good and harmless one, and an (anti-social and anti-classist) ‘individual anarchy’, violent and palatable to repression, whose method is the ‘anti-organization model’.
By making the necessary distinctions, this framework aims to define a specific camp, to create a cage, so that from a generic ‘insurrectionism’, (a sub-product of the anti-organization model), always violent and liable to punishment to varying degrees, sub-species can be pulled out to form different strands of the investigation[1] for Italian cops: ‘classic insurrectionism’, ‘social insurrectionism’, ‘eco insurrectionism’ and the ‘informal anarchist federation’.
That different tensions and tendencies exist within Anarchism is a fact, but it’s also true that this type of rigid categorisation is an inherent feature of the mindset and requirements of the inquisitors, who are set on delineating a specific area in order to make their manoeuvres as best they can: it is within this space that the following operation lies.
Historically, solidarity with revolutionary prisoners has been a focal point of interest for anarchists and a way to come together and build a rebellious sensibility: revolutionary solidarity not solidarity with revolutionaries.
Devised by Turin’s Digos and prosecutors back in 2012, in the wake of 20 years of recurring and failed repressive attempts, operation Scripta Manent led to the arrest of

Italy: Update on Operation “Scripta Manent” (21/11/2016) [en]

The transfer of comrades, arrested in operation “Scripta Manent”, from one prison to another is continuing. Yet another transfer, the comrade Alessandro Mercogliano was transferred from prison of Alessandria to prison of Ferrara, always in AS2 [high security wing], where are already held the kidnapped comrades Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito.
So, the sleepless and paranoiac nights of miserable prosecutor Roberto Sparagna are continuing, in order to get some clues, since he does not have even a half, he enjoys torturing the comrades with “prohibition to meet each other” (I would remind that Sandro and Marco in Alessandria, as well as Danilo and Daniele in Terni could never meet each other) and with continuous transfers.
Beyond any logic of “innocent” or “guilty”, I express my complete solidarity and my unconditional complicity to Sandrone and to every comrade arrested in operation “Scripta Manent”.

RadioAzione, 21 November 2016

Updated addresses:
BISESTI MARCO: Casa Circondariale San Michele – Strada Casale, 50/A – 15121 Alessandria (AL)
MERCOGLIANO ALESSANDRO: Via Arginone, 327 – 44122 Ferrara
BENIAMINO ANNA: Via Aspromonte, 100 – 04100 – Latina LT
CREMONESE DANILO EMILIANO: Str. delle Campore, 32 – 05100 Terni TR
SPEZIALE VALENTINA: Via Aspromonte, 100 – 04100 – Latina LT
ALFREDO COSPITO: Via Arginone, 327 – 44122 Ferrara
NICOLA GAI: Via Arginone, 327 – 44122 Ferrara
DANIELE: Str. delle Campore, 32 – 05100 Terni TR

Italija: Novi premještaj u okviru operacije “Scripta Manent” (21.11.2016.)
Nastavaljaju se neprekidni premještaji iz jednog zatvora u drugi, drugova uhapšenih u operaciji “Scripta Manent”. Još jedan novi premještaj, ovaj put je drug Alessandra Mercogliano iz zatvora u Alessandriji premješten u Ferraru, na AS2, gdje se već nalaze zatočeni drugovi Nicola Gai i Alfredo Cospito.
Nastavljaju se tako

Genoa [Italy]: “Update on trial against me for the crime 414 of C.C.” — Communique of anarchist comrade Carlo (17/11/2016) [en]

As expected, they sentenced me to 14 months in prison for text I wrote immediately after the dissociation of some ambiguous figures.
I am charged with “apology of crime”, while the aggravation for terrorism and recidivism was not taken into account, as well as the aggravation for publishing the text on Internet (although the prosecutor Manotti had requested it), since the Renzi decree [prime minister], which increased the crime, was introduced after my publication.
Therefore, the will to prosecute comrades who write texts continues, if the inquisitors consider them disturbing.
The result of this whole story is that two comrades are in prison for the Action carried out against Adinolfi, that I been sentenced because I have defended this Action, and those figures who have written the dissociation, they still hang out at the occupied spaces.


Genova [Italija]: Vijesti o suđenju protiv mene za kazneno djelo 414 k.z.
Kao očekivano, osudili su me na 14 mjeseci zatvora za tekst koji sam napisao odmah nakon što su se neki sumnjivi likovi distancirali.
Okrivljen sam za “veličanje zločina”, dok je otežavajuća okolnost terorizam i recidive odbačena, kao i otežavajuća okolnost objavljivanja na itnernetu pošto je Renzijev dekret [premijer], koji pooštrava kazneno djelo, uveden nakon moje objave.
Stoga, volja za progonom drugova koji pišu tekstove se nastavlja, ako