“Mafia eco-estremista” Arturo Vasquez minaccia azioni legali e FBI contro gli anarchici del sito di contro-informazione 325 [it]

Appena esserci convinti che la “Mafia” eco-estremista/nichilisto-destroide non poteva diventare più ridicola, abbiamo ricevuto la mail sottostante dai compagni di nostate.net. E’ una minaccia via provider del dominio, del capo degli “indomabili terroristi eco-estremisti” dell’America Settentrionale, Arturo Vasquez (Abe Cabrera), redattore del giornale eco-fascista Atassa, di chiamare FBI. Dopo che tutti gli altri “indomabili compagni” lo hanno abbandonato a sé stesso, l’unica cosa rimastagli è minacciare di chiamare la polizia.


"Eco-Extremist Mafia” Arturo Vasquez submits legal & FBI threat to anarchist counter-info site 325 [en]

Just as we had been convinced that the eco-extreme/nihilist-right “Mafia” could not get even more ridiculous, we were sent this email below by the comrades of nostate.net. It’s a threat via their domain provider by the boss of the North American ‘indomitable’ “eco-extremist theorists”, Arturo Vasquez (Abe Cabrera), editor of eco-fascist journal Atassa to call the FBI. After all those other ‘indomitable’ ‘comrades’ of his hung him out to dry the only thing for him to do is threaten to call the police.


Donate to imprisoned anarchists, solidarity campaigns, 325 and related projects with cryptocurrencies [it]

So we can better collect and transfer financial solidarity to imprisoned comrades in various cases with a minimized interference and seizure by the banks and the state, there are several cryptocurrency wallets available that we have opened to receive money from those interested and in solidarity. We will continue to maintain these wallets for the gathering and channeling of money for imprisoned anarchists internationally. This is also an appeal for financial solidarity to our informal network and group, publications, logistics, outreach etc. Our project requires money as we help persecuted and imprisoned comrades, pay for organisational costs and propaganda. Help us survive and take 325 to the next level, please consider donating, no amount is too small. If you are not able to send financial solidarity, then contributions of translations, articles, reports, photos and thematic art/designs are always welcome.


325: Static / Continues – July 2018 [it]

After a brief pause we resume an irregular publishing rhythm fueled by our hatred of this techno-prison world. Our last few months were busy with shaping our small project for the future. In the coming weeks we’ll be posting a new Dark Nights zine as well as some solidarity posters and other compilations of writings.

Recently we caught this podcast with an anarchist comrade in Yogyakarta talking about the Mayday riot case and the call to ‘Kill the Sultan’. 44 comrades were arrested and comrade Ucil was beaten and held incommunicado for molotov attacking police vehicles. Many comrades either have cases pending or are still wanted for the riot and are investigated. Check out this post and help out.


325 is back [en]

The anarchist counter-information site 325 is active again (after a period of stand-by).

Welcome back comrades!

Nothing is over, everything continues!


325: Riflessione – Sito sospeso fino a primavera 2018 (26/11/2017) [it]

La contro-informazione anarchica e insurrezionale è un altro metodo di sovversione mirante all’attacco contro il paradigma dominante dell’esistente e il suo tentativo di controllare narrative e percezioni generalizzate. Essa è anche uno strumento per diffondere idee radicali e critiche, che possono contribuire e creare campagne di azione diretta a livello internazionale.

Il nostro progetto è solo un altro gruppo di una rete informale di contro-informazione e traduzioni, dove gruppi possono scambiare e comunicare. E’ da 12 anni che gestiamo questo sito, dove abbiamo contribuito alla guerra anarchica contro molti Stati e corporazione che ci voglio eliminare.



Return Fire #3 : Contents (Winter 2015-2016)
Colonisation (Glossary, Return Fire #3)
Smarter Prison A5 imposed
RF #3 Colour Cover
RF #3 B&W Cover
Upravo smo objavili PDF verzije naših nedavnih štampi, za skidanje i štampanje. (Za prethodne brojeve pogledaj ovdje). Ukratko, pred vama je prošireno izdanje "Return Fire" br. 3 (zima 2015.-2016.), ispunjen vijestima, teorijom, poezijom i antagonizmom. Popraćen je tekstom iz našeg "glosarija" o kolonizaciji; prijelomom teksta za štampanje "Pametniji zatvor?", koji smo dobili od "Radical Interference i objavili u decembru 2015.; i, na kraju, prenijeli smo jedan od tekstova iz br. 3, "Veil Drops" na theanarchistlibrary.org kao odvojeni tekst za čitanje i štampu.

"325" #11 [hr]

"325" #11 features articles like : 3 texts about Flooding, Nuclear- Energy and Urban War- “Climate change, nuclear-energy and urban war in the new century”, “Road Ahead Closed” and “Electricity grid at risk as floods increase” by ‘Anti-civilisation cell of training & analysis, – N.T.’, “2 poems by Rodolfo Gonzalez Pacheco (1882-1949)”, “Industrial Alienation”- the social impact of industrialisation (from Terra Selvagia), “Anarchist comrades contributions to the IX Meeting for Animal Liberation in Italy, 2013”, “Memories from the Future: The Coming Technological Singularity”, about the visions of techno-futurist Ray Kurzweil, “Information… and Slavery”, “Necrotechnologies & Synthetic Biology”, “War to the machines! by Gianluca Iacovacci”, “Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Human Behaviour”, “The Daleks are Coming!” about the advent of semi-autonomous security bots, “Empty House and Crowded Forest & Some Thoughts on FAI/IRF by Eat”, “Escape into Sanity: The Fall by V.Q”, direct action chronology and much much more…

Parcel Bombs – Chaotic Manuals of Sabotage Atlantis of Practical Theory [hr]

For all anarchists of praxis, nihilists, anarchists individualists, anticivilization comrades. We send you our love and blaze from the Atlantis of Practical Theory. A few months ago, CCF put a proposition on the table of the Black International. In the communique “Lone wolves are never alone…“, published in the brochure of the comrades of 325, it was written: “We do not share our choices only by speaking and writing texts against the state and its society but also when we offer each other possible practical ways, to make our theory practice”. This proposal has already been set in motion. Siblings unknown to us who share the mutiny of FAI/IRF, and comrades of praxis have published manuals for constructing explosive devices and similar chaotic arts of sabotage. Wanting to contribute as well in creating an international diffusive-chaotic anarchist urban guerrilla, we share with you some practical ideas and some diagrams longing to be detonated… We know well that this is just a first gesture from flame and gunpowder and that countless destructive desires are waiting for us to meet again… Chaos is our friend…