New issue of anarcho-nihilist magazine “Paroxysm of Chaos” (first issue).
Download: Paroxysm of Chaos #2


-Prologue – Desecration of universality and the theatrical significance of civilisation’s performances (pages 2–5)

-Chaotic iconoclasm and incineration of idols (Anticivilisation paroxysm part 1) (pages 6–9)

-The coronation of moralism upon the throne of the ghost of Nature (Anticivilisation paroxysm part 2) (pages 9–19)

-Breaking the windows that sell the products of civilisation (Anticivilisation paroxysm part 3) (pages 20–21)

-My misanthropism (Anticivilisation paroxysm part 4) (pages 21–23)

-Wildness in the city (pages 24–28)

-A Life (pages 28–31)

-Insurrection or revolution? (pages 32–35)

-The unique one meets the overhuman II (pages 36–37)

-Moments of war (pages 38–45)

-Poetry of the void (pages 46–49)

-Introduction to the project Antisocial Evolution (pages 50–53)

-On being lyrical (pages 54–55)

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