Italy: Declaration of Silvia and Anna on the beginning of the hunger strike in L’Aquila prison [en]

On the morning of May 29, 2019, in the court of Turin was held the first hearing in the trial against some anarchists for the occupation of Corso Giulio 45 (Turin). One of the defendants is Silvia, arrested on 7 February in the context of the “Scintilla” repressive operation and the eviction of the Asilo Occupato in Turin. The comrade via videoconference (which prevents her from being present at the hearings) read a text written by her and Anna announcing the beginning of a hunger strike against the conditions and restrictions imposed in the AS2 section of the prison of L’Aquila (prison conditions comparable to those of detention under the 41bis regime, present right in the prison where they are locked up). We remind that the anarchist comrade Anna Beniamino is imprisoned since 6 September 2016 for the “Scripta manent” operation, for which on 24 April was issued the sentence in the trial of first instance. She was sentenced to 17 years and four other comrades sentenced between 5 and 20 years of prison.
Revolutionary solidarity with the comrades on hunger strike and with all the imprisoned anarchists!