A few thoughts on the spectacle [en]

One of the main characteristics of anarchism is a disrespect for, and the will to confront, any form of authority and in that vein anarchists have been carrying out actions and developed theories and strategies with various results during different periods. Over the last 20 years the political/economical/social situation has been radically changed by the way society/civilisation has been progressing, and capitalism, which has developed to a phase where it is too hard to follow its authoritarian and destructive nature and performances. One thing is clear, the phase that civilization has now reached (to a great extent helped by the development of capital, but we must not forget that capitalism is not the only form of authority that must undoubtedly be confronted) is so destructive and aggressive that every day more and more people are becoming aware of this fact. Parallel to this, many ideas and movements have been born or reborn, or just become more visible or present: the eco movement, antimilitarist movements, vegetarianism/veganism, the animal rights movement, the animal liberation movement, syndicalism, anarcho-syndicalism, communism, neomarxism..., and in the end the movement of the movements, the antiglobalization movement. All of them with their own critique, claims and goals. One would have thought that the more enemies capitalism has the easier would be its destruction, but unfortunately the present situation is saying absolutely the contrary.


Genoa [Italy]: Solidarity gathering with the arrested for G20 in Hamburg (06/08/2017) [en]

On Sunday, 6 of August, a solidarity gathering will take place in Hamburg, in front of prison of Billwereder, where some of the arrested during the G20 day are imprisoned. At the same time, in Genoa, we call on a solidarity gathering with the arrested to show them our closeness and support.

Freedom for all!

</strong>“For the plague-stricken their peace of mind is more important than a human life. Decent folks must be allowed to sleep easy o’ nights, mustn’t they? Really it would be shockingly bad taste to linger on such details, that’s common knowledge. The bad taste remained in my mouth and I’ve kept lingering on the details, brooding over them.” Albert Camus, The Plague
On July 7th, 2017, begun the G20, another international summit, as many are held during the year, when a handful of world leaders meets to sit around a table, to pleas each other, sipping fine wines, talking about how to split the pillage of the lifeless planet that we live on. So, it happens that an Europe-wide neoliberal, Macron, shakes the hand with the genocidal dictator Erdogan in a well-furnished lounge while they shell agree on the strategies of suppression and violent repression of migratory transit routes from Turkey to west Europe; it happens that a nice conservative, Merkel, laughs at jokes of a racial rapist, Trump, while they decide how to devastate the ecosystem and poison the atmosphere beyond the point of no return; it happen that an authoritarian nationalist oligarch, Putin, receives a pat on the shoulder from the puppet Gentiloni while the first one gives few cubic meter more of methane in exchange of silence on the occasion of a next