Czech Republic: High court in Prague confirmed acquittance of all defendants on March 27th [en]

High court in Prague confirmed acquittance of all 5 anarchist defendants as result of appeal hearing on the 27th of March.

These are good news for sure and it also means that we overcame some part of “Fénix”, which meant something different to all of us: long months in prison, deprivation of anonymity or exhausting solidarity campaign, to put it shortly. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t make illusions about winning against repressions legally in courts, ever. Also High court’s decision doesn’t bring any kind of certainty for future, and already now we can see the top of other pile of police shit coming over horizon or even closer, a.k.a. Fénix 2, which literally is desperate attempt for revanche, an effort to get something against our comrades and restore a bit stinking idea of legitimacy of police and prisons, in czech context at least.


Hamburg [Germany] / Italy: Anarchist comrade Riccardo released from prison (05/10/2017) [en]

The anarchist comrade Riccardo, arrested and imprisoned since 7 July 2017 for the days of riots against G20 in Hamburg, was released today (5 October), following the court decision that sentenced him to 1 year and 9 months, but with the benefit of suspended sentence.

Solidarity with the rebells of G20!

Freedom for all!

Swiss: Marco Camenisch free! (10/03/2017) [en]

March 10th, 2017 — We learn from the Red Aid that — finally — Marco Camenisch has completed the process of “gradual release”.
The comrade Marco Camenisch is free!

10. mart 2017. — Doznajemo od Crvene Pomoći da je — napokon — Marco Camenisch okončao proces “postupnog oslobođenja”.
Drug Marco Camenisch je slobodan!

Italy: Update on Op. Scripta Manent - Anarchist comrade Daniele released from prison (07/02/2017) [en]

Today, February 7th, the anarchist comrade Daniele has been released from prison of Terni.

Danas, 7. februara, anarhistički drug Daniele otpušten je iz zatvora u Terniju.