Milan [Italy]: ATM attacked (03/10/2017) [en]

On Tuesday night, October 3rd, we decided to smash an ATM of Italian Post Office in the neighbourhood of Bruzzano in Milan, because of its involvement in deportation business of migrants.

Solidarity with Ghespe and with Paska (who carried out a hunger strike against the prison conditions).

Florence [Italy]: ATM torched in solidarity with anarchist comrades (21/11/2016) [en]

Since the previous claim has not been received, we repeat: Florence 21/11 fire to the Italian Post ATM on Cento Celle Street. Against expulsions, cages, control and censorship. Solidarity to the arrested and to those under investigation Op Scripta Manent, Rome, Turin, to Divine, Carlo, Cedric and to everyone who fight, inside as outside, against authority.

Firenca [Italija]: Zapaljen bankomat u znak solidarnosti s anarhističkim drugovima (21.11.2016.)
Pošto prethodna izjava nije stigla, ponavljamo: Firenca 21.11 zapaljen bankomat Talijanske pošte u ulici Cento Stelle. Protiv deportacija, kaveza, kontrole i cenzure. Soliarnost s uhapšenima i pod istragom Op Scritpa Manent, Rim, Torino, Divineu, Carlu, Cedricu i svima koji se, kako unutra tako i vani, bore protiv autoriteta.

“Hands Off!” — Solidarity-zine for anarchists accused of bank robberies in Aachen-Germany (11/2016) [en]

from the introduction:

These pages shine a light on three anarchists presently sequestered in the dungeons of the neo dark ages as a result of the collusion between money lenders, science laboratories, judges and their henchmen.
It all began a few years ago. Two branches of dedicated speculators in genocide, worldwide slavery and domestic misery – Aachener Bank and Pax Bank, bank of the Vatican, – were relieved of a fraction of their spoils when employees obeyed the requests of some clients arms in hand. No shots fired, a couple of news items, examples of one of the few ways for the excluded to deal with banks: put one’s life on the line and take back some of what has been stolen from us all, in anticipation of destroying the bank itself and the exploitation that goes with it. If this elementary activity has changed little over the centuries, the retaliatory instruments available to such institutions through their eager defenders have extended to the laboratories of high technology (which they finance), opening up a new repressive era for those who do not accept the logic of misery and waiting.
If once the bosses’ hounds would sniff around for ‘clues’, they now claim to extract them from inside our very bodies, to which end they have invented a whole series of tricks, some of which are denounced in the pages that follow, after turning to their cyber colleagues and the now ubiquitous practice of DNA matching. As a result, three anarchists from various European countries have been targeted, accused, imprisoned and

Italy: Direct actions in solidarity with the imprisoned comrades (01/07-11-2016) [en]

Pisa: “November 7, 2016 — Cell tower torched near Pisa in solidarity with the arrested in op. scripta manent and with all prisoners.”

Genoa: “VERBA VOLANT, SCRIPTA MANENT, IGNIS ARDENS. Genoa 01/11. 2 postbank ATMs and 1 bank ATM torched. The State imprisons, Mistral Air deports, Unicredit finances Erdogan. The Post and the banks will continue to be attacked. Solidarity with Alfredo, Nicola, Sandro, Marco, Anna, Valentina, Danilo, Daniele and Divine.”

Italija: Djela solidarnosti s uhapšenim drugovima (01./07.112016.)
“7. novembar 2016. — Zapaljena antena mobilne telefonije pokraj Pise u znak solidarnosti s uhapšenim u op. scripta manent i sa svim zatvorenicima.”
Genova: “VERBA VOLANT, SCRIPTA MANENT, IGNIS ARDENS. Genova, 01.11. Zapaljena 2 postamata i 1 bankomat. Država zatvara, Mistral Air deportira, Unicredit financira Erdogana. Pošte i banke će i dalje biti napadane. Solidarnost s Alfredom, Nicolom, Sandrom, Marcom, Annom, Valentinom, Danilom, Danieleom i Divineom.”