Titolo: “Paroxysm Of Chaos” #1

Download: Paroxysm Of Chaos
Nihilism is chaos, through our abyss it bursts until it drowns in the abyss all of the existent. All ghosts of the existent and every bit of it without exception. The techno-industrial system, society, the state and every morality and dynast of the individuality. Let's drown in ashes all ideologies, future plannings and long-term purposes. Let's kill superiority, inferiority, the stagnant respect and altruism as parts of authority itself. If someone expects to find positive thinking to cover their existential void they won't find it here. I, either existentially full or void, choose always the difficult way and never any way that would negotiate my dignity. Above all for me, but sometimes with my mind at the imprisoned comrades and also those who fell in their own battle against the existent, I make my criticism with a sharp knife inside the mind, making my own way alone against anything that wants to show me how to live or how to act. I search constantly for my own paths on the unknown valleys of what is to exist. The present zine doesn't have as purpose the development of ideology neither does it carry the cancer of absoluteness of the opinions expressed here but was created out of personal need to communicate these thoughts and analyses that express the personal perception of anarchy of the writer, setting as target the evolution of thought and dialectic, the destruction of every idol and the abolition of stagnation, away from any dualistic perception regarding anything. Archegonos</em>