Sardinia [Italy]: Updates on anarchist prisoner Paolo (15/11/2017) [en]

Paolo is in Uta, he is okay; he is in the wing with the general population and in the cell with one of the two partners with whom he was arrested. He asks for stamps. We know nothing about the dates of hearings or anything else, he has received the first visits this week and it seems he has no problem getting mail.

Address: Casa circondariale Ettore Scalas, 2° strada ovest Z.I. Macchiareddu, 09010 Uta, Italy

Updates will follow

Cagliari (Sardinia) [Italy]: Anarchist Paolo arrested for robbery (31/10/2017) [it]

Tuesday, October 31, our comrade Paolo has been arrested along with two partners, immediately after the post office robbery in a suburb of Cagliari. Once they left the post office, they tried to get away, but the infamy of a bystander has provided very precise information to cops, who therefore were able to organize an encirclement and to intercept them as they were driving away.

They have offered no resistance. Clothes and weapons used in the robbery have been found in the car.

All our closeness and solidarity to them. We do not know why they have made this choice, e we do not care about. We know whoever organize to deprive State and bosses of what they need, do the right thing, always.