Titolo: Trentino [Italy]: TV, radio and mobile phone masts sabotaged (07/06/2017)
Origine: [[https://www.autistici.org/cna/2017/06/19/trentino-sabotati-ripetitori-tv-radio-e-telefonici/][www.croceneranarchica.it]

Trentino — We learn from local media that on the night between 6th and 7th of June, several masts located on the mount Finonchio were set on fire. Radio and tv (Rai; national public broadcasting company) installation, mobile telephony providers (Telecom, Vodafone and Wind) and few transmitters used for the armed forces communications torched. The damage is considerable, they talk about more than one million euro, and the TV of State didn’t transmit in the entire area for several hours. On the site were found the tags “No more censorship against the comrades in AS2 [high security prison section]. With Fran and with the comrades of Aachen” and “Today we censure you (A)”.