Titolo: How to start evacuation
Argomenti: English, tecnologie
Origine: via mail

When the police evacuate some space because it is looking for an explosive, it stops or blocks the function of this place.

We can use it as a tactic in resistance. Like sabotage. Like support for the strike. Like blocking the circulation of capital. Like an escalation of an attack against oppressors.

The police are going to the place of the reported explosion a few minutes after they read the e-mail message. Evacuation takes tens of minutes or even several hours.

This manual works. It is used in practice for several years. No one was arrested or convicted. It is safe and effective.

Manual: Step by step

1) You have to be sure you’re not being watched by the police. If you are not sure, do not go into action.

2) Put your mobile phone to another place.

3) Buy an old computer (laptop) at a bazaar in another country.

4) Remove / clean everything on your harddisk.

5) Install Linux on your computer.

6) Change your MAC address on your computer before connecting to the Internet.

7) Go to a place with a public Wi-fi internet connection. For example to a restaurant or cinema. You have to be sure there are no security cameras – CCTV.

8) Install TOR on your computer.

9) Start TOR. Change your IP address.

10) Create a safe email box at riseup.net

11) Write message where the explosion will be. Use few words when writing. You can not attach any file. Send the message to the police e-mail and mass media e-mail. Log out your email and never sign up again.

12) Turn off your computer. Remove the battery from the computer. Go to a safe place. Put your computer under the ground or destroy the harddisk.

13) Do not use the computer for other activities. Never!

source: revolutionarycells.noblogs.org