Titolo: Escalation
Sottotitolo: Some texts concerning the Informal Anarchist Federation and the Insurrectionist Project
Data: 2012

A new era of militancy as insurrectionary ideas spread and grow. As more and more people realise the sheer futility od any attempt at dialogue with a global system which exploits, consumes and kills all that which gets in its way, levels of social insurgence grow correspondingly. If we really believe that freedom is worth fighting for, then we must each of us take action as we see fit. This will inevitably lead some sort of violence, which in turns leads to the inevitable debate about violence - its role, its meaning, its usefulness, its validity. This debate is as old as one can remember, and can often end up muddying the waters - acting as distraction at a time when clarity of thought and action are required more than ever. To this end we present these papers...

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