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Starting with the introduction to this blog it has to be said that there will be no spectacularized commodification of its contents so as to make them products for adoption and justify its existence. Its existence stands on values of persons and not of ideologies. Inside the capitalist alienation of commodification of personalities and ideas the anarchist speech that intends to deconstruct all systems needs to be carefully used in its expression as not to fall into the trap of offering yet another product of civilisation. By diving into the deepest pits of our own being we unfold chaotic flashes which seek to affirm life against control, the machines of the technological sewer and the compromised communication of the internet as well as to defy and desecrate the abstractions of the Law. We believe there are many individual positions on anarchy and generally perceptions that are not being communicated because of the lack of a certain culture, a product of civilization. But this is exactly what we want to destroy. The standards that make alienation defying personal thinking and acting to be impossible but instead it has to step on certain foundations to unfold. To go beyond a reified use of language, to destroy and create with personal content annihilating all abstractions of civilised systematization which are products of societal domination and thus seek to unchain the plurality of chaos. Most important is to say that this experimentation is not here to ”enlighten” anyone about how they ”should” act and why. There have been many idealists in anarchist thinking of which whoever wants to buy hope or something to grasp on for the breach of their existential void can read. There are also many manicheans who reek of a sense of duty for those who like a sense of belonging. This experiment belongs to no fictional tendency nor will it try imperatively to raise one with the danger of creating a product for the sterilized consumers of the epoch of utmost depersonalization but instead it will aim at creating egoistic bonds which don’t have role models or a known outcome, between individual egos voluntarily away from the imaginary bonds-roles that are created within reactive to society contexts of resistance. This doesn’t mean that the ones who write these lines are an ”elite” or some kind of specialists in anything, on the contrary this comes from someones who want to experiment more in theory and practise with total liberation as a tool of the persons and never the persons in the service of idealistic causes that acquire the form of universal significance. Therefore we are not advocates of the ideologeme of the ”destruction of the existent”, the pillar of political ideological nihilism that raised itself as an unavoidable reaction to the failed management of the exact same sacred values, using a construct named Anarchy as a castle to which the anarchist as a role has given himself according to ”its” needs. When your unique content is crushed under forms of explicit knowledge ideology becomes you unavoidably.

We are against morality and we see ideology as a basic obstacle for realizing ones uniqueness, as well as both of them as basic pillars for the institutionalization of control, roles of society and systems that strengthen and perpetuate civilisation. We see morality as systems of sanctified values that demand compliance, according to the ideological image that anyone has constructed inside their minds and show the ”right path”. Not all forms of morality are extremely condemning whereas some others are. It can come from anyone, it is not connected to certain -isms, in fact it has nothing to do with terms. It is always connected to the way of thinking but most importantly to where the way of thinking originates from and how it unfolds. First of all if we don’t have real personal values coming from how we experience life but reified ideas as values, whether they imply universality or not doesn’t matter, we automatically speak of morality. Any idea, construct of the mind which is uplifted as more real than the one who values it, is an ideological conscience and this is not the conscience of the person but of an Idea with a predefined content, which consequently will bring morality because this idea was never seen as a choice, but as a truth. As the ”right path” and sometimes the ”only path”. There is where politics enthrones itself. We do not belong to any political ideologies. We belong to ourselves. The ideologeme of Anarchy vs Authority creates only new authority over the self, a ”temporary” internalized authority until it ”permanently” destroys ”all authority”. The minds of idealists create new constructs and new roles, but anarchy for us is not this, we see reality in the physical existence as constituted by unique beings who massify themselves when consumed by ideology and moralistic causes, who most of all demand soldiers and sacrifice for the Idea. This is the major problem for everyone. Reification. By using a certain word, a certain role, which contains ”essence” in itself, the ”common cause” is created and then the person, the self sacrifices his own cause on the altar of abstractions. We see all ideologies as chains, whether it takes the name of Anarchy or something from its very nature ideological as Democracy for instance. Even nihilism, everything can become an ideology, we might share common perceptions with some whereas with others nothing, but we will never become part of any of them. Our desire is not to meet and collaborate with Humans or any other construct out of the numerous out there but insurrected persons creating anarchy free of social residues which is mental and corporeal and will never become ”perfect”. This blog has no relation to the scattered promiscuous solidarity which is a characteristic of a plethora of anarchist political circles, as it is against politics and humanistic nature imperatives of Principles for the realization of imaginary revolutionary alienations and movements. We don’t see ourselves through any human belonging and we perceive the authentic relations as coming very differently in comparison to the intoxicated of the civilised social inebriation. We aim at accommodating nihilistic perspectives and actions that affirm life, insofar as they don’t collide with our own egoistic values, with purpose the beautiful self-realization of the directly lived experience, psychologically and corporeally. There is no aim at becoming an internet anarchist newspaper but only experimentation.

Within reactive social contexts arises the creation of an essentialized identity defined by something ”other”. This subject has established a logic of reaction, it cannot go beyond to strive for individual self-definition, create his own content and fight according to what defines him uniquely and not in conjunction to an identity content that is a link to what is being opposed, a link to society. The will to power is a way of going beyond any social context to perceive society for its clear nature, that of various non-existent unities consolidated under ideologemes of belonging which create roles and internalized duties and can only be realized through ideological consciences, any systematic dualistic axiological prefixes that constitute morality instead of a personal ethics, the things that bring to life a mass mentality which can even be present in circles of few people. There is the need for egoistic self determination and pursuing of personal desires beyond terms, roles, titles, identities that give an ”essential” substance to their ”subject”. For this reason someone remains a subject of reified ideas and not an individual self who uses the language as a tool infusing it with ones own content and thus trying to attack the barriers of civilisation and the essentialist constructs of society at the same time diving into the chaos of the first spark of significance in existence. The ego which is not a new construct but only the as much as possible self-defined away from civilised alienation individual self. A person left with choices according to her conscience, not with one or two choices, but with as many as she can perceive and conquer. A person who answers to no one, not necessarily literaly in the physical reality since mass powers are always physically stronger than the individual, but with his contempt for all who try to show specified paths he stands mentally autonomous, unaffected and unprejudiced following a non-path according to his own destructive-creative desires.

To destroy any dualism of moralism between a personal ethics and desire one has to follow the path of his own experiences by never detaching what is perceived and valued from the person who perceives it keeping simultaneously away from absoluteness that cultural standards create which can easily be followed by a subjective idealistic formation of the ghost of Truth. As such the person remains always as the source of understanding and action keeping what tacit knowledge has helped him to unfold his ego and discard anything that subconscious reactive instinct showed the person that in the long run suppressed her, because of decisions that didn’t help her enjoy being in the world as part of ones own conquered relations from nothing and perspective into chaotic existence but instead they were manifestations of internalized pain. These analyses come from lived experience. This is not a suppression of desire but its unchained form from any alienation, since from a point of view of a not fixed ”nature” unconsciousness could be seen as reactive behavior coming from suppressive events. The person is still internally suppressing the self. In such a way can personal values be created that are only seen as tools in the service of the egoist individuality and never the other way. Values can only be there to serve the ego to fulfill his desires and never suppress those in their name. Although these are interconnected and this is a very complex matter that can never take a ”pure” form because it always has to do with different situations including others that you might or not care about. This way values are created and destroyed by the nihilist at will, never becoming sanctities that the person will be sacrificed to their cause. If values become consciences of their own they start demanding, they create a universal significance and easily become morality. The same way desire can become a reified value. Also whoever denies that all experience and knowledge coming from it creates values falls into the trap of moralism himself trying to ”cleanse” himself from them and creating the morality of anti-ethics. There are two types of morality that can be developed within nihilist theories and by recognizing the following it is possible to crush them more easily. One arises when someone denies completely all values thus placing into the same category a personal ethics with morality. The second arises by the one who will create an anti-reality of Negation (an idealistic construct), thus turning the negation into a Cause and a whip. In the first situation is maintained the perception that every value is a carrier of morality obfuscating the person to deny knowledge and experiences which are without doubt starting point for values, thus juggling into a denial of life, living as such death internally. In the second case negation has become a cause of universal significance, either internalized or not, turning it into the exact ”opposite” from whichever dominant values that constitute morality in society and as such making negation another morality since it enters a dualistic dialectic by promoting specific values as products. An amoralist practise and perception of life seeks to go beyond any imposed dualism and roam into the chaos of life by destroying and creating, understanding the reality outside the person as a part of it but never ideologicalize it so as to subordinate the ego to it. So never accepting domination and confusing it with relations of power. Trying to understand deeper the aspects of civilisation, realizing that the perception comes from a personal perspective which is also connected to the external reality and not attempting to present anything as something it is not only to attack it easier within ideologicalized contexts. The amoralist sees no purism, she goes through despair and pleasure, through defeat and victory. Amorality is only about conscious freedom of choices and an explanation coming from only deep personal content not bound in the command of ideas, it isn’t confined in binaries, imperatively finite choices or solutions nor does it justify the action because an idea says so.

So denying to adopt whichever ”side” and political ideology to regulate ones life with the enlightenment that possesses each one of them with their imperatives means to free oneself from any chains of duties and stand as an autonomous wholeness. If the priests start yelling ”curmudgeons! surly cowards! intellectuals!” the answer is that the powerful one is not the soldier, without his faith, stripped he would collapse. The powerful one is he who doesn’t have the slightest sacred ideal, naked from any armor of faith and yet still revels and embraces the void attacking every sham that tries to rise over him. The acceptance of insignificance would be the harshest realization even for the bravest and for this reason it is avoided at all costs. The extirpation of the person from every faith that operates as regulator of existential emptiness should be combated? Is the acceptance of insignificance the weakness or the faith? The one who accepts insignificance and quits for this reason is still a faithful because helpless to eradicate the faith in the significance of ghosts falls into mourning for their abandonment. She doesn’t keep fighting by accepting insignificance as a joyful moment of rejection of faith as chains of the mind. Though the iconoclast has abandoned any faith in ideas external from her lang syne. From such a point of view significant could be seen only the direct experience, mental and corporeal, of the person of whom experience turns into a tool for the maximizing of uniqueness and self-realization and their extraction from every sham which poisons the will of the individuality.

Many are afraid of being alone, of being left with nothing but their own thoughts and a physical existence which they do not know how to interpret. This is why when nihilism strikes they try to cast it out like the snake who bites and spreads poisons inside their healthy ideologically built worlds. Idealism destroys life. It places the beauty of it, therefore we are referring to its unchained flow into boxes of perfection and mind dependent reality. We are not of those who pray to the Abyss to stay there because creation is ”worthless” neither of those who create castles recruiting soldiers confining oneself into his own reified contents and enslaving others to their ”cause”. We are beyond any mass approach that can be developed through reified ideological constructions that can even be maintained by few. Nihilism, a tool of the profane devastation of inscribed structures, predetermined perceptions from ideas and unquestionable values, takes the reality in which you live and mashes it without stopping to perceive it. But it is the eternal fall that annihilates all idealism and its products leaving you in a death twitch and new unfound beauty, where you struggle within the limits between pleasure and stabbing of your own self. This fall has no ending but also no return. We are anarchists but we understand anarchy as a means of realizing our desires and not as a political objective cause that binds us to roles/duties which reproduce new ”essentialities” like the anarchist as the new Human perpetuating the slavery of humanism and thus not rejecting society from its roots for the institutionalisation it produces. Those who don’t realize that every system is a chain will always bring new authority over the person no matter how the name it. We distinguish relations of power from relations of domination, seeing the first as an inexctricable part of the affirmation of life in existence, whereas the second as crystalized relations coming from authoritarian ideas.

Anything that will be posted here is in no case completely representative of ours but something that we see useful for expropriation, including sounds which fully expropriated from reified contexts and cultural representations unfold the beauty of sound creativity to be used as our own.

After the extirpation of idealism, manichean radicalism, revolutionism and the imaginary construct of Justice no matter its mantle all that remains is choices and the obliteration of civilization’s mindset.

We dedicate these words to those who don’t belong anywhere!

Antisocial Evolution

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