Titolo: Anarchy - Civil or Subversive?

In fact the essence of what I’m referring to as “civil anarchism” is what we could call a horizontal citizenism which speaks the language of democracy (rights, laws, social inclusion, consensus, protest). Civil society is the non-governmental organisations of democracy and a key part of the spectacle of popular sovereignty. Apart from maintaining democracy’s image of dialogue and permitted dissent, civil society also is a recuperating mediator and handily picks up services for the state and business, curbing some of their excesses to allow the smoother functioning of the system. Many “anarchist” (or rather libertarian) activists work for NGOs, trade unions and the parasitic den of academia. There’s a direct feedback loop through academia, activists and the social bureaucracy about the bizarre language codes and identity politics of political correctness. – Darko Matthers, DMP

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