Titolo: A small contribution about Solidarity
Sottotitolo: Conspiracy Cells of Fire
Data: 2011

A small contribution of the imprisoned members of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire about Solidarity.

Until the day comes we will remain with the head held high....

Solidarity is our weapon. Many things have been written and said about solidarity. Usually when there have been so many discussions and so many texts have circulated on a matter, it ends up trite, predictable and without any particular interest. It seems as if its content has run out and it’s constantly being repeated. We believe there are no trite practices, but trite ways of thinking. Particularly today, in the suspicious days we are living in, with the dozens of imprisoned urban guerrillas and anarchists, we should sharpen the blade of solidarity and remove it from its repeated stereotypes that confine us within the nefarious cycle of “freedom to whichever comrade”. Because this way, names change, more are added while others are forgotten, and solidarity remains stagnant and often a privilege of friendly, personal and “public” relations. However, the moment that the names of imprisoned fighters and their cases are browsed through incuriously like pages of an advertising brochure, authority will have won an important bet, the moral extermination of its political opponents. It will have achieved the installation of prison in us as a natural acceptance. [...]

* * * * *