‘Animals Thirsting for Freedom’ – Anti-Speciesism from an Anarchist Point of View (PDF) [en]

This is a text about antispeciesism from an anarchist point of view.
This text was written mostly because of the reactions from reformist organizations following a series of acts of sabotage.

DOWNLOAD: Animals Thirsting for Freedom – Booklet

Biocentrism: Ideology Against Nature [en]

That humanity is somehow ‘out of balance’ with nature is hardly a topic of controversy nowadays. There is little question that humans are fouling the world to the point of suicide for us and mass extinction for all other life. To claim otherwise is ludicrous. In a variety of ways, people have attempted to grasp the problem, define it, and seek solutions. Of the many new and more faddish results, few have been as popular as Deep Ecology — also known as Biocentrism — the view that humans are acting out of excessive human-centredness (anthropocentrism) and thus destroying the planet and the rest of the species which have just as much ‘intrinsic right’ to live out their biological destiny as we do. Accordingly, Biocentrism (life/earth/nature centredness) calls for a new way of acting. Specifically, it calls for ‘earth-centred’ activity and thinking — putting the ‘earth first’ (instead of putting ourselves first) as a way out of the global dilemma.