Titolo: “Butterflies, Polyamory & Ideology: Letter on Inconsequence” – Untorelli Press

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From the text:
How many pamphlets are needed to explain how to fuck, how to love, what relationships one should have with one’s body? How many narrow standards for our desires and perceptions? How many of us, now past the excitement of the misleading freshness of being sixteen or twenty years old, have not managed to find ourselves in these new models of pseudo-freedom? How many have had to suffer being told that they were not made for freedom because they liked only one person and were loved only by one person? How many have whipped themselves for experiencing jealousy, have felt consumed by the other under the pretext of their freedom? How many have felt uncomfortable under the inquisitive eyes of those who believe they are free while living in a social order based on domination? Forgotten in the sectarian and ideological confinement of small cliques, is that there are still billions of people around us. (Untorelli Press)
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